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There is a comic con for comic book fans to introduce, chitchat, and explore various aspects of a comic book, tv shows, movies, etc. Similar to this there are other events since companies, industries, and new inventions happen rapidly these days. One such event we are talking about is WWDC, a developer’s community event. To catch what’s new and what’s going to change us forever we bring you all about WWDC event 2023.

In today’s post, we will be knowing what WWDC is and its brief, what are the keynote highlights of WWDC. Without further due, let’s dive into it.

What is WWDC?

WWDC stands for World Wide Developers Conference. WWDC is basically a conference where Apple showcases new technology updates with respect to their products, and services. The first WWDC event was taken place in 1983, and since then it happens every year. The main targets for such new updates and information technology are mainly the developers. The primary keynotes from last year’s event were about the new iOS16, and its iPad 16, the new os for the Apple watch and so much more. Now we are going to check out the keynotes from the event WWDC 2023 below.

Keynote Highlights

Product updates

1) 15-inch Macbook Air

Companies CEO Tim began the event with how their company values the significance of new technology and how they give importance to the tech and environment altogether. The first new update that came from WWDC 2023 is new fresh 15-inch Macbook Air. This device is 11.5 mm thin, making it the world’s thinnest 15-inch laptop. Comes in 4 different colors, this Macbook Air has a M2 chip installed and the company claims it’s 12 times faster than its Intel-based Macbook Air. Grab this deal here.

2) Mac Studio update 

This one is a pro series product for pro users like graphic designers, software developers, systems engineers, VFX guys, and sound engineers. Mac Studio is an in-one complete solution for those high-end tasks normal products cant complete. Though this one was released at last year’s WWDC 2022 event, it’s getting a big update this time.

  • Getting M2 max chip compatible – 25 % faster than M1 max ( released last year)
  • Introducing the option of opting out of M2 Ultra in Mac Studio which is the coupling of 1 M2 Max chip giving double speed.
3) Mac Pro with Apple Silicon

The first Mac Pro was released in 2006. This time Mac Pro is coming with new major changes. This includes a powerful chip M2 Ultra and up to 192 Gigs of storage. This includes afterburner performance and a lot of 6 PCI extensions.

4) AR platform Apple Vision Pro

This was the last update in the WWDC 2023 event but we are putting it in the product update category. Apple’s new Vision Pro is part of spatial computing. This is an Augmented Reality wearable product that can give you experiences you feel just like watching any Doctor Strange movie. This brand-new product can be used without any hardware or extra controller. Eyes can choose and fingers can manage the size and many things. This seems like a sci-fi movie gadget and it’s indeed. When you wear Vision Pro, you don’t need to worry about anything as it’s synced with your iPhone, iPad, and macOS.

You can also watch 3d movies with this AR product. The event finally ends with a partnership between Apple and Disney.  Disney’s 100th anniversary gives an awesome deal on Vision Pro. The intro ended with Marvel’s what if and it was awesome to watch those. The Disney Plus is going to be available in Vision Pro from day one. You can learn about it more here.

Software updates

1) iOS 17

Introducing a new OS called iOS 17 for iPhone comes with lots and lots of customized features. This was the next update we got on WWDC 2023 event. Below are the key updates for iOS 17 on the event.

  • Phone App – Contacts app is now having a new way of showing how you wish to save someone as a contact. The phone App now has a poster feature where you can customize the contact’s poster photo and make changes to their poster. These are personalized contact photos (posters). You get to make things fancy with how you wish to save someone or see when they call you!
  • Live Voicemail – You get a voice mail, then you listen to them and pick up, well this is changing now. You get the transcript of live voicemail on display, and if you think it’s important to pick then you pick it or decide.
  • Facetime – Facetime is a video call app, the new update in this is that now you can record a video and send it. The other person can watch it when they are free.
Some other updates include
  • Messages – Messages got some huge performance and feature updates. This includes search filters, inline replies, transcripts of voice messages,s and much more.
  • Check-in – This feature is cool. So let’s say you went out to have dinner with your friends, and it’s dark outside, going back is risky but you decide to go back anyways. Check-in would notify your friends that you reached home safely if there is any issue it would notify the same. So you are always 1 step ahead when things go wrong with you.
  • Live stickers – Live sticker is a new way of sending stickers that just don’t help you react but help you live the reaction. iOS17 has so many improved stickers and live stickers can be made out of your personal photos.
  • NameDrop – Did you discover a new way to share contacts? Well, Apple did on its new iOS 17 which comes with a feature as NameDrop. All you need is to keep both phones close and contacts will be shared, simple! Similar is the tech with AirDrop that helps you share files and many things with the same approach.

There are other features like App Journal an app that helps you write a memo about a photo so you can remember how it went. Things like Standby help turn the screen into portrait mode and can be tweaked by widgets and many more.

2) iPad OS 17

The next in line is the iPad os17 which comes with improved widgets and a personalized lock screen. Not just customization but its new PDF is built in through the iPad os 17 which helps you edit, fill, and manage pdf files. In addition to this iPad OS 17 is coming with new apps such as Live Activity and HealthKit that improves overall performance and health boost.

3) MacOS Sonoma

MacOS is coming with its new update codenamed MacOS Sonoma. This new Mac OS brings new widgets which can be placed anywhere now. The OS got a new update on the gaming side of it with Metal 3 which enhances metal effects and performance upgrades. The game mode is also launched to provide smooth and consistent operation. Interestingly, developers can now make use of the Game Porting Toolkit for them to port their games from any other platforms.

There is a new game announcement from Apple for Mac, its Death Standing directors cut. However, this game would be released later this year. Mac has introduced a new way we can do video conferencing and features in it such as presenter overlay, and reactions. These features help users to express and present like never before. MacOs Sonoma brings new feature updates in the Safari browser, with new privacy protection, profiles, and most importantly web apps. Now you can make any website as a web app without giving any coding efforts. This simply means, you have the power to use any website as a web app and this change is so cool.

4) TV OS 17

Apple’s TV OS is getting a newly redesigned control panel and a new Facetime app which would give you the freedom to manage and take video calls, and stream with them together.

5) Watch OS 10 

Apple Watch is among the famous wearable gadgets present. It’s now improved to add widgets to a smart stack that gives the ability to manage the widgets dominantly. Added with 2 new pallets this watch os brings an awesome update with 2 new characters from Snoopy & Woodstock. These characters can animate and make an engaging screen time altogether. New sports modes are also introduced like cycling which can now provide you a fall detection. Its mental health mode is a new way of calming your senses.

Audio Enhancements

1) Airpod

Apple is improving in all areas of its ecosystem. Airpod wouldn’t be an exception, with its Adaptive audio, now you get a noise-free experience even when you are walking down a busy and loud street. Airplay is also integrated and firms work with the ecosystem.

2) Apple Music and Carplay

You are enjoying songs through your iPhone in your car, but with share play one who sat in the backseat as well connect to the same session and play music of their choice through their device. Awesome indeed!


This year’s WWDC was filled with amazing updates and its AR product Vision Pro is a new way how we can elevate the experience. iOS 17 and iPad os 17 is changing the overall impact of the Apple ecosystem. Safaris’ ability to make any site a web app and game improvement in Mac is like the rise of domination continues. This concludes all about the WWDC event 2023. Which software update/ product made you fall in love with Apppl? do let us know in the comments section below. If you need any help or have any suggestions to make, then do reach us via the contact page here. Happy National Donald Duck Day!

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