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Although we at are not fans of AI tools but is true that AI is literally simplifying things for us. Recently other AI tools like generative AI, Dall-E, GPT, and Bing AI chats are helping us get rid of repetitive work or bring more ideas to it. A similar approach is brought by Microsoft this time that deals with integrating AI within their Office 365 apps. For those wondering what Microsoft brought to the table this time? we bring you all about Microsoft Copilot.

In today’s post, we are going to check about what is Microsoft Copilot, Where to get Copilot, the benefits of Copilot, and how it is different from chatGPT. Without further due, let’s begin.

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Since AI has entered the industry, Microsoft is trying to utilize it more profoundly in its service chains. Not a long time ago, Microsoft integrated its own AI chatbot called Bing chats in Edge browser which is also available in the form of a standalone app. We did cover that in the blog here. This time the Tech Giant has brought Microsoft Copilot which is your AI assistance to increase your productivity to the next level.

The Microsoft Copilot is a new AI assistant within Microsoft Services and its Office 365 apps. This new feature is similar to how Bing chats got integration to Companies own Edge browser. Meaning, that the way you can access the Bing chatbot to get help from within the Edge browser, is similar to how users would be able to utilize the Copilot within their classic apps and office365 apps.

Copilot is basically a combination of Large Language Models (LLM) that work effortlessly on your provided content. A Large Language Model(LLM) is a general-purpose model that understands language and facilitates output generation respective to the input. These language processing models have been the backbone of famous AI tools like chat-GPT, Google PAlm, and more.

Benefits of copilot

Microsoft brands the Copilot to extend your productivity like never before. Microsoft classic apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Teams, and other enterprise apps would integrate the Copilot feature in it. Below are some of the key benefits of Copilot.

1) Copilot would be available as a special feature in your daily use of Office 365 apps and classic apps. This means you can use Copilot for the file that you are working on.

2) With the prompts function on Copilot, you can analyze the data, and work 10X faster than you could if you were handling it manually.

3) Copilot functionality behaves respective to the application you are using. For Outlook, copilot can arrange or notify you about a meeting you missed, it would help you summarize that, and let you know what was in that for you.

4) For Excell, the Copilot opens the gate to use thousands of Python libraries to apply on your current Excel sheet and whatnot.

5) The Microsoft Copilot would help you get ideas on how you can enhance the report that you are working on to make it more impactful.

Where to get a Copilot?

Microsoft offers a wide range of plans for their plan tier users including Home, Business, and Enterprise users. Copilot does have its way in those plans at respective pricing. Before we check how to get Copilot, there are some system limitations to it. Currently, Copilot is only available in Microsoft’s late OS Windows 11. Along with the OS limitation, there are some regional limitations too.

Copilot has been available for commercial users primarily in the United States since September 26, however, we have no confirmation as to when it will be available globally. As per the resources, a Bing chat Enterprise which is a chat AI assistant that is based on Copilot costs $5 per user and is included in Microsoft 365 E3 and Microsoft 365 E51. The Office 365 Enterprise customers will be getting Copilot for $30 per user per month.

How Copilot is different from chatGTP?

Both Copilot and chatGPT follow the same large language model however there is surely a difference in them with respect to their mechanism. ChatGPT is accessed through a URL where the user queries it and gets responses back. On the contrary, Microsoft Copilot is a prompt-based AI just like chatGPT but it’s integrated into legacy applications like Word, PowerPoint, etc. We know there are ways chatGPT can be integrated into applications, websites and more however that still needs a few steps, unlike Copilot. As per the sources, the tech giant is thinking of implementing the Copilot on their entire OS to boost the overall OS experience.


Whether it be a particular task or you want things to get done, AI tools like Copilot are capable. Such AI tools provide the best efforts and resolution toward your query. Copilot promises to enhance productivity and change how we used to work with data. How far does this work well or does it make you dumb? That’s for the time to tell. This concludes all about Microsoft Copilot. What do you think of Microsoft Copilot, would you use it too? do let us know in the comments section below. If you need any help or have any suggestions to make, then do reach us via the contact page here. Happy International Caps Lock Day!

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