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A few things that have outgrown in the decade would be how we exchange information, app development, server administration, and web development across the globe. Many businesses are opting to go online towards expansions of the services and business itself. When you decide to go online in the form of an application or website, you would face many challenges like getting the site designed, its maintenance, various bugs, sudden errors, etc. When your online business stops, it hampers your brand value and visitors’ trust. We at TechDecipher are committed to helping you with a variety of technical challenges and we bring you the best places to find a developer.

In today’s post, we are going to check why you might need a developer, how to be aware of fraudulent cases, and best places to get a developer. Without further due, let’s dive in.

Why you might need a Developer?

Being in the industry, I have seen many people play blame games for code breaks, site performance issues, app service stoppage, etc. It is a very easy task to blame things than to be courageous and handle it all yourself. Before we review that in detail, let’s check how things go to that level where we feel left out and blame. Suppose we are developing a website, we have designed it and started hosting the website in our hosting account.

When we start hosting the website or app, everything goes as expected, probably because the environment it is signed up for stays the same until there is a change. Later time, whatever plugin we use on our website or add-ons, do get updates and with each update, there is a chance that the plugin provider or addon script builder might put some restriction on the environment. For example, PHP version 5.6 is deprecated now and it is nowhere recommended to use it, but people still use it.

The other issue is that when we use such outdated versions let it be PHP, MySQL, or unoptimized content that is not compatible with an environment where it is hosted or served, the bug gap starts to grow. Such bug gaps may result in slowness of application, website, or other performance issues. Sometimes, due to custom changes, the website or app is halted making it inaccessible. In such cases, either you need the expertise to solve coding challenges or have strong troubleshooting skills to fix it or the best alternative would be to hire a developer to do that for you.

How to be aware of fraudulent cases

Okay now that we have understood why we need a developer, we need to know what precautions we must take before we take anyone’s help. The reason behind precaution is that the internet is filled with stories where the individual developer claims to solve the issues of their website or application but ends up having a ransomware sort of effect. Some developers are smart enough to inject scripting into the website and over the years steal the information of their own client’s database and sell them online. Below are some points that you should keep in mind before giving the task to a developer.

1) Don’t Rush

In case of some important job that you can’t resist, you begin posting your task on freelancer platforms, and you get messages from the developers. You would get plenty of messages from them. Additionally, lots of developers may claim they can do your task in minutes, and budget-wise or so. Do not rush to decide to give work to them. You must check their profile when they joined, what amount of jobs they have completed, their re-hire %tage, and such things. If you end up giving the task to new joiners, who have zero job task completion experience then you might end up denting your project.

2) Access limitation

We should not give them entire access to our account. For example, you host a website on a Linux hosting with a cPanel control panel. If you have plenty of sites in that hosting and you do not want them to access those, you can give them individual site access. Let it be a CMS or any custom project, there would be a way to give them a test account so that they can work on it and fix it for you. If your website or app does not have an account login option then it is better you move out all other websites to a different hosting plan and give them access to that particular cPanel account where the website or app is hosted.

3) Backup is brow

You must make a habit of baking things up. For example, you have given a task to fix an issue, but later you realize the developer indeed has fixed the issue but has kept bloatware or some injection that would be in favor of the developer over time. In such cases, you can avoid this blunder by restoring the exact backup copy of the initial instance of your website or app right before you give the test to the developer.

4) Payments

When you hire a developer, the developer might ask you for the full amount to pay. You must decline such a process of work, always prefer to pay a partial amount if that is the case. You should post your task on multiple freelance platforms and negotiate to see what is the pattern of the cost for your project. New freelancer programs which we will be discussing now below, do have a good payment standard for each task assigned to the developer but developers might ask you to pay crypto or other means which you should avoid.

Note:- After price negotiation, it’s a good idea to put a condition about the explain how they did the task. This helps in giving you an approach to an issue for future issues.

Best places to get developer


We have first in our list, this platform has been active in the industry for 14 years. was founded in 2009 by an Australian technology entrepreneur Matt Barrie. is the world’s largest freelancer platform and is interestingly famous in Asian Subcontinents. As per the statistics, it has more than 27,000 categories covering almost everything. The user base of Freelancer is also a big reason behind its trust, has more than 50 million users on their website. You can sign up for this from the link here. Check out their success story here.

2) Fiverr

Moving on the second one we have is Fiverr which is an Israeli freelancer service platform. This platform was founded by two tech entrepreneurs Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger in 2010. Fiverr has a limited but wide range of categories from which you can hire developers. Fiverr has 3.42 active million users and has decent user satisfaction over the platform. Along with freelancers, Fiverr can help new startups with its business solutions. You can sign up for Fiverr from here and check the success stories here.

3) Upwork

This freelancing platform was founded in 2013 in America. Upwork is a result of two startups which are Elance and oDesk. These two merged and became ElanceoDesk and rebranded as UpWork. The freelancer platform is marked as diverse by its skills-count of the platform. UpWork has 332 skills in various categories like app development, web development, admin, and so on. This platform has more than 18 million active skilled freelancers which makes sure your work gets done in time. You can sign up for the UpWork from the link here. If you wish to check the client’s success story check the page here.

4) Guru

Guru is an emerging marketplace for people to hire freelancers. Guru was founded by Inder Guglani and James Slavet in 1998. Initially, the platform was an online clearing house. Throughout time it has become what we know now as This platform has more than 2 million experts which provides variety like its competitors fiverr and freelancers. A service in lets you hire multiple freelancers for a single project to integrate with. The company claims it has the lowest handling fees and 100% cashback. You can sign up for this platform here.

5) PeoplePerHour

The last we have on our list is a UK-based freelancer-finding platform called PeoplePerHour. PeoplePerHour was founded in 2007 by Xenios Thrasyvoulou and Simos Kitiris. The platform states it has around 3 million skilled freelancers. Peopleperhour provides about 8766 skills which is a huge number as per a freelancer platform. The platform claims it has fraud protection enabled for every account, this indeed brings the trust fact back. You can check the success story of users here and opt-in for the platform here.


Whether it is an application, website, scripting, or server administration, you can hire freelancers. You pay them, they get your work done! This way you save time for yourself if you can’t give time to your project. There are other platforms like some Hosting providers that provide website design and troubleshooting services. You may consider them before you go out to fetch developers. The reason is that would be more genuine, go check if it is provided by your hosting provider. This concludes best places to find a developer. Have you ever tried taking the help of freelancers in your project, did that work out for you? do let us know in the comments section below. If you need any help or have any suggestions to make, then do reach us via the contact page here. Happy International Day of Rural Women!

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