How to choose best hosting for your website?

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You have decided to to begin your website for respective reasons. You may ask which hosting plan to go with or how to choose best hosting for your website. While there is no joy in selecting wrong hosting plan and expecting the better performance out of it.

In this post we are going to check about what is hosting, various hosting plans, how hosting is categorized and which hosting provider would be best for your website. This post would also help you understand different web hosting options and how you can choose best hosting for your website. Without a further due lets dive into it.

What is hosting?

In general when we hear out the term hosting, we go thoughtless. We often end up thinking whether this will work out or what if it does not. To talk about hosting in simpler way, it is like to borrow some space on internet. Whatever you would put in that space would reflect on the internet which can be accessed through a web browser. We can call the content from that space through a web browser using a domain name.

Space that you borrow from web hosting providers comes with different plans and services. A shared server and owning an entire server with root perms are the main categories of hosting, but since the technology rising there are many categories as of now(we are not going to cover them to keep it simple). With the help of these hosting plans, one can design websites. We are going to discuss about these options in details. If you wish to know what is web hosting in technical terms please visit here.

Different Web Hosting options

  1. Website Builders.
  2. Web Hosting (Linux (control panel- cPanel), Windows (control panel- Plesk)).
  3. Virtual Private Server (Most of Linux distributions and Windows 2021,2016,2019).
  4. Dedicated Servers (Linux distributions, Windows servers)

Hosting Options according to need!

Website Builders- 

Website Builders are probably the fastest way of designing websites. It is true but again there are many restrictions towards it. For instance you would not be able to add extra widgets as per your choice. The builder is specifically designed to build sites instantly. You may be not able to hardcode the codes of certain block which again would make you think like it time to move on to other options.

Website builder is best for entry level websites. For example, you are beginner and want to design website without the designing or scripting experience then you must try website builders.

Web Hosting-

After website builders, the next thing comes is web hosting. A common web hosting includes hosting plans based on shared server. By shared it means the way hosting providers have given you the account, the same way other users would have accounts on the single server. It is as if you are sharing a taxi with other passengers on streets. Hosting provider manages the server for you which is why it does not come up with root permissions. This could limit you in few areas.

For most of the time, this is fine for a normal user who wants to host a website  or multiple websites and need visitor range capacity from thousands  to fifty thousands. Not having root access can be limiting but you surely can host nearly all types of sites without need of installing modules that requires root permissions.

Virtual Private Server-

When it comes to try out other custom projects or custom applications one must opt out servers. These servers would be root enabled, which would give you the power to alter many tweaks and settings of your server. You would be able to use your server the way you want. Since  you have the root permissions, it is highly advised that you must have server handling experience. Without server handling experience you might face issues which you might have no clue to solve, and can cause your website a downtime.

Virtual private servers do share the resources with others but they come up with root access. It is as if a single bare metal server (a single physical server) is divided into lets say four VPSs, all of them with root permissions at software level. VPS are good options for those who need more  in depth control over the server than shared hosting. They may also be little cheaper than the Dedicated servers which we are going to discuss next.

Dedicated servers-

Dedicated servers are the bare metal servers which allows you control over a single physical server. It means that only you would be having full control over the machine. Dedicated servers would have in depth root permissions up to kernel and hardware level. It gives you the true power to manipulate your server the way you want. Dedicate servers are fast and  more reliable platform to host sites due to its nature of dedicate resources.

You may ask since VPS also has root permission and dedicated also has it, then why to choose Dedicated server? The simple answer to it is having VPS is like root with shared resources while dedicated server is like a full dedicated machine given to you. Ever wondered how big tech companies website survive traffic? thank to dedicated servers. In Dedicated server you must and must have previous server handling experience as they say with great power comes great responsibility.


We have reviewed how web hosting, VPS and dedicated server are categorized. These server options are based on hierarchy such as first the dedicated server which when divided served as VPS. When VPS when divided served as shared hosting. This concludes about how to choose best hosting for your website. What hosting options do you use for your website or going to use? let us know in the comments below. If you have any suggestions  to make do share it here. Take care and goodbye.

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