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Our phones are one of the personal things of our day to day life. As they are personal may be that is why more than a million android smartphones are manufactured each year. It is quite interesting to know what are some best android flagship smartphones for 2022? Though we might not be able to surpass high competition, we can get to know the quality basics of best android flagship smartphones for 2022.

In todays post we are going to discuss about what flagship means in smartphones, android versions and 5 best android flagship smartphones for 2022 to consider. Without further a due lets being.

What is mean by flagship smartphones?

Flagship in smartphones indicates a standalone product the brand has put their core idea into and made the product available. Every mobile device manufacturer has set of phone range. Mobile manufacturer or brand often divides these ranges. They are Low end ( entry level | budget ),  Mid end and  High end ( premium ).

To put this in simpler words it is like a smartphone of a brand which is different than their regular offered range ideology. A unique product the brand is proud to manufacture which epitomizes their reason to bring the product in market. These flagship smartphones have best features and  processors in general. Sometimes we are used to with our low budget mobile and do look for the dominant options in the same brand. These options could be either High end ranges or a Flagship device.

Latest Android versions

Every year or consecutive year Google inc. releases new versions of android operating system for capable android devices. The latest android version present  in market is “Tiramisu” aka Android 13. Recent release of Android 13 OS might be missing on many android devices, specially that part is dependent upon OEMs. OEM’s would have to customize OS  according to their plans and release through OTT for their respective android smartphones. 

Such major version upgrades  come up with many advancement and optimization. You may check the change logs and new features of Android OS 13 here. Sooner the developers will start to work on Android 14 and make available the preview builds for super users to test. Enough lecture, lets look out for the best Android smartphones to consider for 2022. 

5 best android flagship smartphones

OnePlus 10 Pro  

A subsidiary of Oppo, OnePlus is one of the popular electronics manufacturer present today. OnePlus’s method of building high quality product is attractive which makes them stand at top. On March 31, 2022 OnePlus launched its flagship phone called OnePlus 10 Pro. 10 Pro comes in  2 colors Emerald Forest and  Volcanic Black. The mobile itself comes in 2 variants (8GB  – 128GB) and (12GB – 256GB). This bezel less device is packed  with  Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and is a strong competitor of a loaded flagship  you are looking for.


Link- OnePlus 10 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung is a South Korean multinational brand  which needs no introduction. It has some attractive product line up with them which includes Galaxy (F,M,A,S,Z) series. Thinking of Samsung always brings the pen, that pro pen gives you a stunning feeling. Galaxy S22 ultra got available in first quarter of 2022. The device comes in 4 variety of colors and they are Dark Red, Green, Phantom Black and Phantom White. Standard and neat design of this S22 is very attractive and comes in 2 variants  (12GB  – 256GB) and (12GB – 512GB) massive storage options. This Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset flagship is truly an android Standard you must try. 


Link- Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra

 Xiaomi 12 Pro

Xiaomi  is a well known Chinese electronics manufacturer. When we hear out Xiaomi we do get a feeling of adds and bloatware in their smartphones OS and that it a fact. As per a report their business model incorporates advertisement which helps them manufacture quality products at cheap cost. Xiaomi launched 12 pro on April 27, 2022 with 3 color variants. The color options are Couture Blue, Noir Black and Opera Muave. The device offers 2 set of storage selection variants (8GB – 256GB) and (12GB – 256GB). Packed with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor  this 12 pro is very neat in design and has best screen ratio. A strong competitor through out list.


Link- Xiaomi 12 Pro

Realme GT 2 Pro

Another subsidiary of Oppo, Realme is very consistent with their  products. This consumer electronics manufacturer does give the feeling close to what Xiaomi and OnePlus already give. The style statement of Realme is very intuitive and has vibrant touch to it. They announced GT 2 Pro back in first quarter of 2022. GT 2 Pro comes up with 2 storage variants  (8GB – 128GB) and (12GB – 256GB). The color option is limited for this device which is ‎Steel Black. This Flagship device comes up with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor a good competitive device you may consider.  


Link- Realme GT 2 Pro

Motorola edge 30 Ultra 

A legend company Motorola has been through a lot, from first wireless handset to the collapse into 2 division. One of its division was acquired by Lenovo, you may read the full story here. Once upon Motorola was one of the most inventive companies through out the history, no doubt that it is still having same spirit. Motorola has launched Edge 30 Ultra on 8th September this year. The phone chipped up with Qualcomm SM8475 Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 processor and also offers three variety of storage variants (8GB – 128/256GB) (12GB – 256GB) and (12GB – 512GB). This flagship device has 2 color variants which are interstellar Black and Starlight White. The looks and feel of this flagship is top notch a new device you might want to give a try. 


Link-  Motorola edge 30 Ultra


We have reviewed the best 5 flagship devices till Q3 of 2022. Although we missed including many  other brands such as iQOO and Asus Rog etc, as they are game oriented.  Latest Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor offers higher clock speed which means a faster CPU and thus optimizes overall operation. Which flagship you are interested for, do let us know in the comment below. If you have any other recommendation or personal feedback please don’t forget to shoot us the enquiry  here. Take a good care and see you all later!

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