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A video is enough to change the perception of how you think. A video is enough to get you started, with learning, history, motivation, and so many things. Over the years, we have seen awesome videos on YouTube, but we wonder, how is that done? Lots of YouTubers hire a dedicated Video Editing company or a freelancer to do that for them. It is clear that Video Editing is a skill, not rocket science, you just need a medium to achieve it. So what is the medium to achieve that skill? that’s Video Editing software and we bring the Best free PC video editing apps in 2024 to try.

In today’s post, we are going to check, is video editing easy, what most Youtubers use to edit videos, and the best free PC video editing apps, so without further due, let’s begin!

Is video editing easy?

Before we go to the main topic of our blog, I would like to cover this section. If you are a student, lecturer, beginner in YouTube, or a geek interested in freelancing making videos for someone, you need to have adequate video editing skills. If you have the skills, regardless of any industry, you can survive easily. Coming to the question, at first video editing seems confusing, most of the time the common thing is, the software itself.

You google some video editing software that you heard, and you install it. The first time, you see the interface, you are like a mango! It is confusing indeed. If decent editing software are like this, then imagine how industry-standard VFX editors would be. The trick is to practice more to get familiar with the interface. It would help if you spent some time learning the editing software and it gets easier as you use it.

What do most Youtubers use to Edit videos?

YouTube can’t recognize whether you use a cracked version of editing software or a genuine one. While we don’t support piracy open source or cracked versions of the editing software are the easy solutions anyone would try in the initial days. YouTubers opt the premium software, and these premium artifacts come at huge costs or annual renewals. These builds usually have more professional features added than their free version equivalents.

These pro software support a wide range of plugins and templates that boost the overall performance or add new features to the editing software. So before even jumping to the premium section, a beginner is recommended to use free software, which we are going to cover next. If you are interested in knowing which YouTuber uses what software, check the blog from Shotkik here.

Best free Video Editing apps in 2024

Let’s check free video editing software that you can try for your YouTube career or as a freelancer skill.

1) Olive

Olive is an open-source video editing software developed by Olive Team back in 2018. The video editor is still in its alpha stage and the team is trying to crowdfund the investment to make it to its stable version. It is worth noticing that even in the Alpha stage of this video editor, almost 8 million people have downloaded the application in 2021. The nearly perfect editor aims to do a job for professionals and filmmakers. Though it is in Alpha state, it is worth giving a try this video editor. You can download the software from the link here.

2) Kdenlive

Where the world is business, open source is a boon. Kdenlive is another open-source editing software that you can try. This software is developed by KDE a group of international software communities that develops open source software. Kdenlive got its stable release recently on 11 December 2023. The Video editor includes all the necessary features that you would require to edit your videos. Amazingly, the team has some awesome goal roadmaps, which you can check out here. You can install the app through this link here.

3) Shortcut

The shortcut video editing software is provided by Meltytech, LLC. This open-source software supports a wide variety of formats including 4k, and 8k resolutions. This has almost everything that you might require to edit videos professionally. At first, it can look difficult to operate, so you can also go through the tutorial from here. The software gets regular updates, so new feature gets added every other update. Grab the application from here.

4) HitFilm

The Hitfilm video editor is premium-grade editing software. It has 3 plans and only the basic plan is free. We included this software because even the basic version of this video editor has so much to offer. The basic version includes 127 Visual effects and unlimited exports. HitFilm has joined up with Artlist to enhance the video editing software to perfection. You can simply opt for a free plan and upgrade if you have to. You can get the software from the link here.

5) ClipChamp

The last on our list is Microsoft’s video editor ClipChamp. This video editor comes pre-installed in the Windows 11 Operating system. No doubt you can grab this for Windows 10 as well through the Microsoft Store app. There are 2 plans, the free one and the paid one. The free option is a great starter because it lets you do unlimited exports and 1080p is still fine to go with it. Editing might feel a little tricky on the tracks but overall it’s fine to get started with. You can make use of the free plan by searching ClipChamp if you have Windows 11, or grab this app from this link if you have Windows 10.


Paid video editing software comes with lots of benefits and features. However, you don’t want to spend that much and force yourself to learn the application to master it. Instead, opt for a free one, play with it, and then upgrade to a similar alternative. Free editing software should be the first step in learning video editing skills. This concludes the Best free PC video editing apps in 2024. If you need any help or have any suggestions to make, then do reach us via the contact page here. Happy American Immigration Lawyers Association Day of Action!

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