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The recent launch of the powerful AI chatbot chat-GPT has been a sensational hit. This tool literally made things easy for users, a step towards saving some time for other stuff. A similar approach is seen to be adopted in Microsoft’s web browser called Edge. While Edge browser is trying hard to get back the position of the company’s veteran browser Internet Explorer, it has got a new feature. What is that? well, we bring you an introduction to Bing Chats.

In today’s post, we are going to check what is Bing chat, chatGPT vs Bing chat, and the benefits of Bing chat. Without further due let’s begin with it.

What is Bing Chat?

The Bing search engine launched in 2009, and ever since it launched, it has been trying to overcome the dominance of the Google search engine. Over time, every now and then the Tech Giant is adding new features to its browser. Bing chat is one of the new AI feature recently Microsoft has added to its Chromium-based Edge browser. This feature is added as a dedicated icon button in the browser. You can find the icon in the top right corner of the Edge browser.

The Bing chat is Microsoft’s effort to make web searching easy. Bing chat was first introduced in February 2023, which is 2 months later when Open AI’s chatGPT became the talk of the globe among youth. The initiative of Tech Giant was to integrate the AI chatbot within the browser interface, unlike open AI’s chatGPT. Though chat is not only limited to Edge browser, it is available as a standalone Android and iOS app. You can install the Android app here, and the iOS app here.

Bing chat vs chatGPT 

Open AI’s chatGPT and Bing chatbot both are based on Large Language Processing Models (LLMs) which is GPT. Microsoft company has invested around 10 billion in the Open AI project as per the reports here. This means that Microsoft did have plans when they were investing in the project from the beginning. ChatGPT has been a very famous web tool available today, but it has gone premium in February 2023 introducing GTP 4 model.

chatGPT is free especially the GTP version 3.5 which has the information fed up to the year 2021. This limits the chatGPT free version and there is a slight issue in accessing the information if the pool goes high, the availability lowers. This is not the case with Microsoft’s Bing chat, the service is available across multiple platforms, let it be the Edge browser or Android and iOS in app format respectively. In case you are interested to check how Google’s bard is coping with chatGPT, do check the article here.

The Bing chat is in its learning phase and thus, it has its own limitations like 50 questions per 5 sessions. However when we checked, if the AI decides it can not serve further, it stops you there and suggests you start over. This is in contrast to Open AI’s free version, which does bear longer than Bing chat. The last thing about Bing Chat is that it is funded by advertisements. This means the chatbot can show you advertisements when you search or seek something through it. The company said it does reserve the right to suspend the feature for an individual trying to achieve something not legitimate or misuse it.

Benefits of Bing chats

1- Bing chat can be seen as personal assistance which helps you get to know things that you are searching for over the internet.

2- The Bing chat feature is available in the Play Store and App Store, giving you more ease to access it without having to install

3- Get the latest information from Bing chat as it relies on GPT 4 Model so you don’t have to sign up for the chatGPT Plus plan.

4- Bing chat can help you compose emails, ideas, and paragraphs upon short instructions which can save some time.

5- With Creative mode, one can instruct the bot to create images for you. It is like a one-stop for all the AI-enhanced ready-made information access.

How to use Bing chat?

1) Compose an email, paragraph, or story or your youtube video script

Open your Edge browser and tap on the top right corner and hit the Bing icon to open the Bing chat. Click on Compose and write the target instructions like “Write a paragraph, blog” or anything you would like. You can also add something like write me an email for promotion in 100 words or so. After you write the instructions, adjust which tone you wish to set for the output. The next is to verify the format in which you wish to get the output. And after all, the fillings, tap on Generate Draft and preview of the output.

2) Create images with Bing chat

Open your Edge browser and tap on the top right corner and hit the Bing icon as in step 1. Set the mode to Creative and type the image you wish to generate. For example, create an image of a sunset or whichever you like and hit the enter button. Not only creating images, or drafting emails,  AI chatbots are helpful in writing a chunk of code for you too. You just need to learn to ask, and you have gotten it!


AI’s increasing involvement in various fields can be fruitful. How fruitful can it be, the time will tell! Bing chat is more of a personal assistance that can help you boost productivity and save time on other tasks. Bing Chat is a free AI chatbot based on GPT 4 model, this gives you the benefit of using chatGPT plus with some limitations. This concludes an introduction to Bing chats. What are your thoughts on Bing chats, would you use Bing chat over chatGPT? do let us know in the comments section below. If you need any help or have any suggestions to make, then do reach us via the contact page here. Happy Blogger Day!

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