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Your business reaching people remotely without hassles is all that a businessman would want. Same to the case of how Amazon succeeded in getting a wide range of people as their user base. Everyone would want to set up an ecosystem like Amazon, and for that, it’s very important that you take your business online. Whether it’s an online e-commerce site or just an informational portal, you would want the best and cheap cPanel based hosting in 2023 to begin first. You don’t want to opt out of a costlier dedicated server and pay for it and wait for the benefit for your website to happen. For all of such reasons, we bring you the best & cheap cPanel hosting plan for your website.

In today’s post, we are going to check what is cPanel, why to choose cPanel for your hosting, and the best and cheap cPanel based hosting in 2023

What is cPanel

cPanel is a control panel through which end users like you can operate and manage different web hosting tasks. Think of cPanel as a Netflix account where you get to watch, download, and stream tons of movies and other operations. How Netflix simplified online streaming, the same cPanel has been simplifying, how one can host a website and manage it without having server admin expertise.

This control panel was initially developed for managing the basic tasks of a friend’s website in 1996 by a college student John Nick Koston. Later in 2002, Nick started its company and cPanel has become the world’s best control panel known. cPanel is most liked due to its simplicity and ease. This graphical interface has been booming the industry and has become an industry standard.

It is worth noting that cPanel is not a hosting plan, it is a control panel that managed your hosting. It is a GUI for managing the various tasks. cPanel is famously included with Linux-based operating systems but it can also be installed on Windows-based hosting plans, but that might need you to have a dedicated server with all the root permissions.

Why choose cPanel?

1) File Manager

The file manager which is present in cpanel is very easy to manage. The design structure of CPanel’s file manager is user friendly and new users would grasp it in no time. There are several features inside the file manager like copy, move, extract so on. When we compare the file manager between Plesk and cPanel, one would find CPanel’s file manager more manageable.

2) Multiple apps installation

With cPanel, the hosting provider may provide an app installer such as Softcolous or Installtron. These app installers let you install a number of other CMS and apps like WordPress, Drupal, Magento and so many out there. This gives you the ultimate power over how you wish to begin your site.

3) Auto SSL

Recently with cPanel version 58, the auto-SSL feature has been added. We all know how confusing it is to install SSL for nontech guys. This problem is solved with the auto-SSL feature. It helps you install SSL without any extra steps, thus saving the pain of SSL. You can check out the blog on how to issue an auto-SSL here.

4) Php extensions

Sometimes, when you host certain applications, you need a certain PHP version or some PHP extension like zip, or ionCubeloader. These variety of PHP extensions are manageable through cPanel giving you partial control of your CMS.

5) Logs and other things.

There are logs you can check, or AWStats would give you the statistical data of your website visitors over the period of time. In short, you don’t need to learn everything in detail, because cPanel has made it easy for you.

Best 5 cPanel hosting providers

Let us check hosting plans by prices from low to high. Note that this list arrangement is not according to the service level, friendly UI, or anything else. This is purely a pricing filter and hence it does not talk about which one is best among them. by keeping the plans ordered by the price we don’t wish to hurt the sentiments of the hosting companies nor do we have any intentions to defame them.

The list includes all hosting plans which are part of shared hosting. This is usually a cheap hosting solution for every venture or experiment. We never know when the startups would grow bigger and hence shared hosting is the starting point that can help you save some money. It is almost like you using public transport before you know you can afford your own car.

1) Hostgator

The first hosting provider in our list is Hostgator. The basic plan they have is called as Linux Starter plan. The best thing about this hosting plan is that it provides you to create unlimited databases and a free SSL plan forever until you keep renewing your hosting plan. This is great when you do not have much idea about whether your venture is going to succeed or fail.

Though you would be able to add only one website, you get 20 GB SSD storage which is enough for your new website. SSL is an added bonus as you would not have to pay for it separately. We didn’t find any RAM details in the company FOS, but we believe this would be shared. Check their FOS here.

2) Namecheap

Coming next we have Namecheap, this is second on our list however this offers better features than the Hostgator basic plan. The plan Shared Stellar allows you 3 websites to host, along with 1 GB RAM and 20 GB SSD. This is the best combination at this price range. You also get 1 year of free SSL which you can install automatically through the Namecheap SSL section on the control panel.

3 websites are what makes it different from other hosting plans, as at this price we don’t get 3 sites option in other basic hosting plans. If you are to start your website, then this one is what you would look for cheap and featured. You can sign up through this link.

3) GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the well-known hosting companies. They have been very long in this business and they know what the customer’s needs are. The plan they have is Starter which comes with 512 GB of RAM and 10 GB of storage. Though we are not sure if it’s SSD or HDD but 1 website and 1 database is the limit of this plan. The unique feature of this hosting plan is that you get daily backup plans.

You get a 1-day backup plan for free which gives you the power to restore 1 day back if anything happens to your website on the current day. You can also ask to upgrade the plan to have a 7-day backup plan and so on. Service is also great, so if your budget allows you, then GoDaddy is the hosting provider you should choose without any second thoughts. Get your GoDaddy through the link here.

4) Big Rock

The next we have is Big Rock, which is providing its Starter hosting plan that comes with 1 website and 20 GB SSD. The best part is its way of doing weekly backups, though GoDaddy offers a better 1-day backup feature weekly would work at this price range. You get free SSL as well which would secure your website. Unlimited database creation is unique here since most of the plans in this list do not offer this. You might want to give Big Rock a chance for this, check the site here.

5) Bluehost

Bluehost is the last we have on our list. This hosting plan offers a Basic plan that is separate for the Us market and Indian markets. I don’t understand the strategy for it. In the Us market, we get to see 10 GB SSD storage with 1 DB and SSL cert for 1 year. The only difference between the US and Indian markets is the Storage which is 50GB  in India. The plans also felt confusing when choosing between markets. You can go for BlueHost here.

Note: All the hosting plan prices we have shared are without taxes as taxes might change per country. The second major thing is, the next year you renew the hosting, the prices might not be the same as what you paid in the first year. This happens because all hosting providers provide the hosting initially at cheap prices to users. When it comes to renewing it, they would renew it at the standard market price and this is normal. So you are advised to consult all of such things with the going-to-be hosting provider.


It’s not too late to start something new that excites you! you would want a cheap and good cPanel hosting for your website and this blog is what we feel help you. cPanel eases out many things for you and it is very easy to understand as well. This concludes about the best and cheap cPanel based hosting in 2023. Which hosting plan you would like to host your website with? do let us know in the comments section below. If you need any help or have any suggestions to make, then do reach us via the contact page here. Happy International Tiger Day!

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