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With increasing inflation in safety measures, security has become one of the important factor now a days. You would want to monitor things before they take unfortunate turns.

Such security measure tasks can now be done through outdoor security cameras in 2022. In today’s post we are going to take detailed look on why outdoor security cameras 2022 that matters, how they modernized and best outdoor security cameras 2022 that you could try.

Modernization of Security Cameras-

Initially the main purpose of surveillance cameras was for military monitoring weapons. Later Marie Van Brittan Brown a US based innovator invented home based security cameras in 1966. It was soon patent by them and become common around public places.

It does sound little unfair when we talk about peoples privacy but lot more has changed since 1966. From just being a surveillance camera in public domain, security camera technology has drastically improved. Today security cameras are used mainly in military, banking, agriculture, hospital, traffic, indoors, outdoors and many more.

Security camera types such as Dome, Bullet Type, Night Vision and Wireless cameras are widely in use. Their application is based upon the type of camera it is.

Necessity of security camera-

There are various reasons why crimes have increased now a days. Crimes we can not talk about and those which we can prevent. One of the effective ways would be to monitor or have a record until any event. Such events can be your shop timing, a hospital facility, an ATM or even your home.

To monitor such events the best option is to install security cameras outdoor/indoor whichever suits best to our needs. Security cameras would give you an extra confidence and assurance that you would not miss any suspect. Despite countless benefits of security cameras that we need not to explain but its a good equipment you should try.

There are few applications that touches on its tangentially which lists as below.

1) Security cameras are now easy to Setup and control which makes them more friendly.

2) Night vision camera types are very useful in streets or outdoors for prevention of robbery and other crimes. Though there will be exceptions.

3) Security cameras are also used on business needs such as any Industry, your own shop and more.

4) Zoo monitoring is probably never a potential necessity but it is quite helpful in monitoring animal behavior and even in danger.

We have have reviewed sneak peak about security cameras, lets check out the best outdoor security cameras you could try.

Best security cameras-

1) Tapo C320WS 4MP 2K QHD outdoor CCTV-

HongKong based computer networking device company TP link is known for their routers and other networking devices. TP link has been quite well formed company and their ‎Tapo C320WS model does have potential features.

The package contains camera, power adapter, a camera mounting plate, anchor, screws, waterproof seals, waterproof cable attachments and a user manual.

The camera does look handy and easy to install. To view or control on your android or iPhone, you would need to download the Tapo app from respective app stores. The app setup looks easy and user-friendly.

Link- Tapo C320WS

2) DUMBEL StoneX Bullet CCTV Camera 1080p (Full HD)-

A security solution company called ‎Conbre Enterprise has introduced its budget security camera ‎2 MP Bullet Outdoor The company focuses on surveillance security systems so we can expect best products from them.

The package contains an adapter and camera mounted with the plate. You can fix the camera position with help of any local electrician at your area. The bullet type camera is packed with many features which is intriguing.

Link-  Dumbel StoneX

3) QUBO Smart Outdoor Security WiFi Camera-

A Hero venture group, Hero Electronix is a company focuses to explore technology. This Indian brand came up with QUBO Smart Outdoor CCTV camera.

The package contains Smart Outdoor Security Camera, Power Adapter, Cable, Decoplate, Wall Anchors, Wall Screws, Deco Plate Screws. The camera looks dome shaped but should not be hard to install. This bullet camera would help in covering maximum area as possible.

Link-  Qubo smart

4) ‎Imou Smart Camera-

‎Imou brand manufacturer called Dahua Technology is a surveillance products and services company from China. The Imou Smart Camera released in 28 July 2020 and offers both connector type that is wireless and wired.

The package contains 1 Camera, 1 Power Adapter, 1 Power Cable, 1 Mounting Plate, 1 Quick Service Guide, 3 sets of Screw Package and one user manual. Though this is specifically for indoors, but it can be for outdoor without a hassle.

Link- Imou camera

5) CP PLUS Infrared HD 2.4MP Security Camera-

Another Indian advanced security and surveillance solutions, a subdivision of Aditya Birla group called CP PLUS has been an active in market from a long time.

Despite its rating this bullet type camera can be really a good product if you are looking to have taste with security cameras. CP PLUS 1 is a wireless budget cctv camera which you can try as beginner. You would need a DVR for this which has now pretty outdated.

Link- CP plus


We have seen the best entry level outdoor CCTV camera, this concludes the best CCTV camera you could try. If you have tried one of these do comment below and share your experience. If you have any words to share as feedback do share it here. With that saying, take care and best times ahead.

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