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Nearly everything of humans depends upon Information Exchange now a days. Since the information conveying platforms have increased lately, the question here is which one’s more effective medium of Information Exchange present? We all know how Quora has been doing since a decade, and now they have launched Quora’s Platform for Open Exploration (Poe).

In today’s post we are going to sneak peak about, AI chatbots, Quora and  its new platform called Platform for Open Exploration (Poe) and  its challenges & contribution. Without a further due, lets check the news out.

What is an AI chatbots?

The AI chatbot is a software which is capable of understanding human language. They are also capable of responding in a sense of human nature. AI chatbots have been famous for routing tasks to right channel like we see in many websites. They are also now modernized for many self help programs like chatGPT. Recently released back on November 30, 2022, chatGPT is a next level chatterbot which can help you by answering your questions. You may include your day to day questions on this chatbot or any. In the test session, chatGPT has shown how extremely it can be helpful.

As you can see, in a question about being bored in life, how gently and thoughtfully chatGPT responds. Reason to bring  AI chatbot point in this post is because, Poe is directly related to this. We are going explore how it is in the article further. Lets check out about Quora before Poe.

What is Quora?

Quora is question-and-answer website founded in June 25, 2009. The website offers users, to submit a question which can be social, personal or any kind, and other users who are aware about the answers can submit it. This has been a good platform for Information Exchange, however Quora isn’t the one of its kind. The basic function of Quora is A to B, means you ask a questions, the experts who knows it would answer. While it was lacking the instant response feature and the fact that the answers would not be one on one basis, that is where the Poe comes in. At least that is what Quora’s leadership might have  thought before creating the Poe as a reason.

What is Platform for Open Exploration (Poe)?

The news comes from Quora about Platform for Open Exploration short for Poe, is an AI chatbot similar to chatGPT. Quora’s Poe is recently released on 3rd week of December 2022, a chatterbot which can answer your questions in its unique way. Poe focuses on instant answering with the help of AI chatbots. The difference between Poe and chatGPT is that Poe would have multiple AI chatbot agents which can help you without delays. Imagine you have so many questions, but nobody to answer them to, and you take help of Poe,  Seems companionship isn’t it?

Poe is going to be in the form of a messaging app and  is currently available for iOS users. Poe is sooner to be made available for Android users and is in invite only phase. You can submit the invitation for it through this link here.

Challenges and contribution

The obvious challenges Poe and such AI based chatterbots would have is easy generation of responses and that it being used to bombard sites with it. As per recent news, Stack Overflow a question and answer website just like Quora but for coders and various technical aspects has had issues. The story goes like this, chatGPT released and users started to use it for submitting answers in Stack Overflow website which ultimately flooded it with dubious answers.

The authenticity of the responses drawn out of AI chatbots may be an issue since natural language processor might have the ability to process languages naturally but would lack human experience in it. It is due to this reason Stack Overflow had to temporarily ban chatGPT and they came up with a policy for that which you can read here. The incident does share us the demand of making the AI services more accurate than they are.

On the other hand the bright side is Poe, chatGPT and other present & future chatterbots can help many of us in finding solutions we seek to know in more human way. It can be overwhelming for Chat Support jobs if we think it that way but we aren’t seeing anything like that in the near future! but should that happen is a question of time.


This concludes about the Quora’s Platform for Open Exploration (Poe). Quora’s new initiative Poe if fits the accuracy bar then this technology can lead the way ahead we are sure. What do you think about this new launch? do let us know in the comment section below! If you have any suggestions to make or need any help, do shoot us through the contact form here. I wish you have a Merry Christmas!

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