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Game industry is one of the fastest developing industry present today. If we compare game graphics of 90’s with today’s, one can easily spot the difference. Our operating platforms have also developed, you need not to have Play Station to play best graphic games now. Android mobiles have best in class chipsets which makes game developers to build top level graphics games for you.

In today’s post, we are going to check what is the graphics revolution in brief and top 5 Android games with best graphics that you can play. Without further a due, lets begin our game journey.

Revolution brief

As a 90’s memory we have all played that Spiderman game where it looked nothing but a carrot. The classic car game felt just pixels moving and so. Those 2D animations were so much at that point of time, but now this has been changed for a real good. The beginning of graphics evolution in game industry is divided into many parts. This is due to there were many initiative at the time in game development. We would be looking at the main events of development in the industry which are as follows.

On November 21, 1990 Nintendo,  a multinational video game company (as of now) has released its new game called “The Super Famicom”.  This was a huge success and helped Nintendo to make its name globally. Later Nintendo games started launching games in the name “Super Nintendo Entertainment System” in US. Currently  their one of the best gaming console is knows as Nintendo switch.

Sony’s brand, PlayStation launched its first video game “Battle Arena Toshinden” on their PlayStation 1 (PS1) back in 1995. PS 1 used CD-ROM technology to maximize the containers, and then began series of game system codenamed as PS2, 3, 4, and latest available is PS5.

On the other hand, Microsoft released its Xbox One on November 15, 2001 with few games such as Halo: Combat Evolved. Later the company begun developing consoles and currently have XBOX SERIES X & S variants provided. We have reviewed how Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft were somewhat a building block of gaming industry. Needless to say that computer graphics game engine like Unreal Engine, was developed by Epic Games and has set the bars to high graphics game development.

Top 5 best Android Graphics game

We have reviewed brief about how game entrainment and development companies contributed to the gaming evolution. Now, let us check about Android games with best graphics.

1) Genshin Impact

A Chinese video game development company miHoYo has released this game for Android users back in 2020. If you are a fan of action role-playing games then this game is for you. The game is 302 Mb of size but part files, game exploration might hold the size above 1 to 10 GB.  The minimum Android version requirement for this game is Android 5 and above.

The game has 50,000,000+ downloads on Android platform which is a huge success. This game has good visuals and a tone of soothing soundtracks which will give you in relax gameplay. You can install Genshin Impact from the link here.

2) Sky children of the light

An American independent video game development company, Thatgamecompany has launched Sky children of the light for Android on April 7, 2020.  Sky is an open world social adventure game which will give you a satisfying play experience. If you like to meet up with peoples and want to have a good feeling of playing then Sky is the game to give it a try.

10,000,000+  users have downloaded this game.  Game is 1.2 GB of size and has minimum requirement of Android versions 8.0 and and above. Feature wise this game offers friendly open world where you can play game solo or with your social friends that you make. Link to download Sky is here.
3) Rally ONE : Path To Glory

An Android game developer VO DIGITAL ARTS has published this game Rally ONE. This one is a car racing game, has a crispy graphics at its core, and definitely a light weight must try game. Initial download size is 70 to 100MB but could go upto 150+ MB upon install. If you like car racing games, then you shout try this.

The game has 500,000+ downloads on play store. The minimum Android version requirement to install this game is 7.1 and above. Championship, Drift Tournament, Rallycross, Drift Trial and Time Trial are the main features of this game. You can install the game through play store from this link here.

4) Farlight 84

The brand new game development company Farlight games has built this battle royal game. Farlight 84 provides a unique and futuristic battle royal game experience. The game theme is set in 2084 and explores survival in the wasteland world. It is indeed a good alternatives among PUBG for mobile.

About 5,000,000+ downloads were made and the game size is 1GB and after installation size may increase up to 2+ GB. Minimum Android version requirement to install this game is 6.0 and above. You can download this game through here.

5) Wilderless

Robert Kabwe a solo highly skilled game developer has created this game with its unique approach. Wilderless is a game where you can just wander and chill, the game has no enemy, quests and no competition. This game can also be played to calm the stress or in anger management.

The download size of this game is 137 MB whereas install size might vary. Upto now, this game has 5,000+ downloads. Minimum Android version requirement is 8.0 and above. This game is a paid game which you can download from the link here.


We have checked the Android games with best graphics, of course there are many more high graphics game available in the market, however we are going address them in future posts. This concludes Android games with best graphics, which game you liked the most? do let us know in the comments section below. If you need any help or have any suggestions to make, please shoot us an email through the form here.

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