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Did you ever have to upgrade your PC specs to play those high-end games? We know how complicated is that, and Cloud Gaming is the answer to it. Cloud Gaming technology is going to be our new Netflix for games!

What is Cloud gaming, benefits, challenges and top service providers is what we are going to check out in this post.

What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming is an on demand gaming service where one can play games directly on their devices. These games are played on platform that relies on remote servers to put easy, playing games streamed from remote servers is what a Cloud Gaming is.

Sounds pretty updated service, right? Well yeah, that is right. Maintenance of the games’ installation is not much necessary. All you would need is a strong internet connection and service membership to play games on the go.


As a PC gamer if you want to play GTA5 on your PC you would need to either buy the game or do piracy and then go ahead for installation for the same. Now, the problem with this is not every installation would be successful. This is because a lot more of that is dependent over the PC specifications or the files itself.

In Cloud gaming it does not really matter, service providers would maintain games for you and provide a smooth game library. You can choose games from that library and just hope on to other games in a couple of clicks. New games add up each month, and it is just awesome.

Costing is probably one of the primary factor of matters to everyone. If you are to buy every game that you wish to play legally would cost you 10 to 30 bucks, that way 10 games will cost you more than 100 bucks.

On the other hand, as a Cloud gaming service user, you would also be required to pay for the games. The difference is Excluding the subscription cost, you wouldn’t have to manage those games, no downloads no updates (may vary service to service) and installation is pretty much on the go.


We talked about the pros, and now let’s discuss what are the challenges of Cloud Gaming. One of the main challenges would be game-play latency. Though it is a challenge for any online game, but it can become a hassle when you play non-online games as well, because you would be using internet to connect to a remote server.

Internet connection is also a factor that’s game changer in this field. If you fail to get a proper stable internet connection, you would be missing out on game experience such as lags while playing.

Availability wise, Cloud gaming is at the entry level phase and is currently available to fewer countries. That means you would end up waiting to opt these services if you are not from US, UK etc.

Top Cloud Gaming providers-

Google Stadia-

Google selectively launched its gaming service called Stadia back on November 19, 2019. Stadia claims to provide true cloud gaming services, and its pro subscription starts with $9.99/month and has around 300 games in its library.

Link – Google Stadia 


This one is a slight different, ShadowPC is a Windows PC given to you with which you can play games without you have to change your existing PC specs. It’s a PC in the cloud and one can use to play games, maintain files and projects. The package starts from $29.99/month. It has packages as per storage requirements.

Link- ShadowPC


A Microsoft gaming service called Xcoud launched on September 15, 2020. The Xcloud games can be played using Game pass membership. It promises to have 100+ games in its library and starts with 14.99$.

Link- Xcloud


PSnow is on demand game play service. A sibling of PlayStation provided by Sony which offers game play of PS1 to PS5. You need a dedicated controller to play and can opt for this service as free trial and monthly basis it starts with 9.99$.

Link- PSnow


Well known GPU provider an American multinational technology company Nvidia has debuted in Cloud gaming with GeForce Now. It launched publically on February 4, 2020 and plan starts with $8.99/month. It claims to have 1000+ plus games, that’s way much more than expected!

Link- GeforceNow

Amazon Luna-

Amazon again, Amazon has begun developing its cloud gaming platform called Luna, and it is in Beta invite state since October 21, 2020. The Retro plan prices begin with 4.99$ and can be upgraded to Luna+ with more options to game genres.

Link- Amazon Luna


We have seen what is cloud gaming and top cloud gaming providers, to be honest these platforms are not available in every country. This service still has a couple of years to be well deployed and would derive more jobs when it begins to spread deployment.

This concludes the cloud gaming so far, if you are from abroad and using one of the services, please comment below which one is that. If you have any suggestions for us, do leave a note here, stay tuned for more bye!

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