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You are born, you spend time in a place, you travel, you go through special moments, you live—all of the phases of life you want to store so you never forget them. The digital world does let us store the moments in the form of files such as images, videos, and so on. You might want something better, that is a portable and easily connectable storage device to store the files of your choice. This in general, is achieved through external hard disks unless you only rely on your Smartphone or cloud services for storage purposes. External hard disk is a great way present today to store your memories. To get you the best External hard disks, we bring you the Best External Hard Disks in 2024.

In today’s post we are going to check what is external Hard Disk, why you need an external hard disk, Should you go for an SSD instead, and the 5 best external hard disks in 2024. Without further due, let’s begin.

What is an external HDD?

The full form of HDD is a Hard Disk Drive. If you have had a computer or Laptop you may have heard the word hard disk. The Hard Disk is a physical disk assembled in your device internally that retains the data permanently even when the system is off. The data in the hard disk does not get deleted unless it is corrupted by malware or it is manually deleted. This should tell us the nature of the hard disk, that is to preserve the content.

Now, an external HDD is the same concept, the only difference is you can connect the hard disk as an external device. An external Hard Disk is a physical disk that you can connect to your device such as Computer or Laptop. You can use the External Hard Disk for purposes such as backups of your digital content, storing files and important documents, and so on.

Why do you need an External Hard disk?

You might wonder why you need an External hard disk additionally when your Laptop or Computer has one internally. The answer is obvious, we can’t guarantee it! To explore this further, check the news about Cybersecurity research that claims the cyber attack happens once every 39 seconds. Just imagine the risks included with it. Around 2,200 cyberattacks are committed per day and this would be to your email, digital wallets, laptops, computers, Servers, websites, and any means of digital products that are available.

This threat level is only going to rise in the coming days. We never know how someone would be scammed, what hyperlink would inject scripts that let the intruder gain access to our Device’s file system and the content. To prevent such cases, you can opt for an external Hard Disk and keep the data on it instead of keeping that on your Laptop or Computer. This way, you would be able to maintain the data secrecy even when something vulnerable happens to your device.

Having an external hard disk is also a great option to side the content that you don’t want to be seen when other users operate on your device. Whether it be a friend or family, not all data of your life is meant to share or be seen. The reasons could be many but the motive is one, that is keeping the content safe. External Hard Disk allows you to save the information all on your conditions.

Should you go for SSD instead?

The full form of SSD is Solid State Drive. The purpose of SSD is the same as that of HDD which is to store the data. SSDs are the newer technology in storage solutions that promise higher speed than HDDs. You may wonder, if SSD has higher speed than HDD then why not go for SSD instead? You are half right there, SSDs provide a faster data transfer rate but they are expensive.

The higher price is the only factor which would be a problem if your budget is low. SSDs are great options, they don’t have any moving parts, and they are also good for storing apps, and Operating Systems. Since our topic is about Hard Disk Drives, we would limit the detailing on SSDs but the bottom line is, if your budget allows you, you should go for SSDs.

5 best external Hard disk

1)  Seagate One Touch

The first number we have is an American data Storage technology company called Seagate. The company was founded in 1979 and has 44 years of experience in data storage. Interestingly enough, they had their first product with 5MB capacity, imagine the 80s. Their new storage HDD product is One Touch. The edition we are talking about is a 1TB Hard Disk. The HDD offers a unique feature of password protection. You can set up a password but ensure to remember that one and next time whenever you plug in the external Hard Disk drive, it will prompt for a password. Note that the password is for the entire volume, not for folders separately. The HDD offers 3 years backup recovery service which is a good deal if the hard disk gets nonfunctional and you want to recover the data. The look of the product gives an additional touch to its operations and the product link is here.

2) TOSHIBA Canvio Basics

Toshiba is a Japanese-origin multinational electronics manufacturer company. The company that once ruled the electronic sector, has now been decided and isolated completely. In the year 2015, this company faced a major accounting scandal. As of now, the company is bought by 20 other companies to sustain the business. Regardless of their brand situation, the products Toshiba has made are still incredible. The one that we are talking about is Canvio Basics which provides 1 TB HDD storage. The hard disk has 3 years of warranty. The Hard disk has a built-in internal shock sensor that promises to long last the dish drive even when the drive undergoes shocks while in the pocket. Find the product link to purchase this here.


ADATA is a Taiwanese computer case, memory, and storage manufacturing company. Founded in 2001, the company’s primary focus is to develop and design flash drives, hard disk drives, solid-state drives, and memory cards. The company is slowly expanding towards other electronics areas and that shows the potential advancement adaption. Coming to the product they have is HD770G which is a 1 TB HDD external drive. The product has an IP68 Rating which would save your HDD from a decent level of water contact. The Dustproof and Shockproof Technology which are key features of this product make this Hard drive more robust. The look of this external Hard Disk Drive is leveled up with RGB strips that glow when it’s turned on. A good option if you are looking for something fancy in the HDD material and the link is here.

4) SP Silicon Power Armor

Another Taiwan-based IT, storage device, and electronics company we have is Silicon Power. It has been in the business for 20 years. Founded in 2003 this manufacturer was ranked 11th among the fastest-growing manufacturers in Taiwan as per the survey conducted in 2010. The product that offers is Armor which is a 1 TB hard disk drive. The sleek design of the product gives you a perfect fit. The Armor claims to have military-grade shockproof protection that is standard of toughness. The ip7 water resistance provides you with rigidity for your external drive. This product is worth buying if the design factor is your priority, opt for the product from this link.

5) Transcend Storejet

Taiwan seems to be a super-hub for companies manufacturing electronics. Transcend is one more Taiwani company that focuses on manufacturing memory products that incorporate flash drives, and portable Hard Drives. Transcend has become one of the well-known brands globally and has 13 worldwide offices. The product they have is Storejet which is a 1TB external HDD that comes with password protection. 256-bit AES file & folder encryption ensures your files are secure. This external hard disk offers military-grade shock resistance with an outer rubber case to ensure nothing goes wrong when it falls from a distance. The company claims ‎to provide speed of 625 GB/s. This one has got it all and is a decent product to consider. You can purchase the product from the link here.


Cloud storage is also an option for users these days. It seems to have benefits such as access to information anywhere online. Though it sounds like a cool option, you should avoid putting everything in the cloud. Once an image or a file is uploaded to the cloud over the internet is more prone to be exposed or leaked than you have it in your local drive. The choice is yours. This concludes the best External HDD in 2024. What Hard Disk do you like the most, or do you prefer to rely on storing things on cloud storage? do let us know in the comments section below. If you need any help or have any suggestions to make, then do reach us via the contact page here. Happy National Resolution Planning Day!

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