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Information is the truth of this world and information exchange is the business. News is a primary subject to get to know about things happening respectively. We have seen new ventures, ideas, and a wide variety of new inventions in each field that needs coverage. With this post, we bring you what CMS you can prefer to begin your news coverage journey. Let it be entertainment, civil works, or any news niche you wish to cover, do check the best CMS for news site!

In today’s post, we are going to discuss why CMS, the benefits of CMS, and the 5 best CMS to try for your news site. Without any further due, let us begin.

Why CMS?

CMS is a content management system platform where you get to design the website. The CMS contains themes and plugins so the design of the site can enhance. A decade ago when people didn’t know much about Content Management System, the ideal way was to hire a site developer and proceed further. This process actually was very time-consuming and costlier. The problem with this is, you would not know what is the real deal that takes to build a website.

This includes the amount of money that takes usually this is the big thing that one does not want you to know. With CMS this started to change. You asking and checking the developers about every update and them having control over your site. This by nature made them impact many areas. When you opt out of CMS this completely changes the situation. You become the main wheel here to control your website, manage it and make necessary changes at your convenience.

When you build something from scratch, you know what the fix is if anything goes wrong. For example, a mobile manufacturer would know how they can enhance the mobile user experience or how to achieve the design change for the hardware but the user who is using it wouldn’t know. Similarly, when you build a site for yourself this gives you an extra added benefit respectively. Let us check the benefits of using CMS below.

Benefits of using CMS

1) Cost reduction

The cost of site development is reduced when you take matters into hands. CMS that is free to use would help you build awesome sites for your personal or professional requirements.

2) Ready Material

Since most of the CMS are in the industry for more than 2 decades, this gives you so much ready-made material out there. Tons of plugins and tons of themes would get you started in no minutes.

3) Easy Support

As we have shared, the CMS has been available for more than 2 decades now. This means that there will be a wide range of how-to topics, and support forums that will help you resolve any design challenges. This also gives you the confidence to learn new things and troubleshoot them when needed.

4) Maintenance on the go

With CMS you would build sites, and maintain them from within the CMS platform. Once you get used to the platform you would not feel tough to manage your site the way you want on the go. This provides flexibility toward the overall management of your website.

Best 5 CMS


WordPress launched back in 2003, this is a well-known CMS everyone has heard of in their college days! This is the most preferred CMS to date. It has been 2 decades now, and as per the reports, WordPress has 60,000 free plugins and almost 9000 themes. When the platform provides this amount of free material, it is easy for one to begin the website. WordPress has the most amount of support articles and issues resolution community forums that give you an idea if you are stuck with something. Some of the popular themes for news sites is Newspapers, you can grab the whole list of them here.


Drupal is 2 years older than WordPress and is launched in 2001. Among all the best CMSs, Drupal is one, but it has been rumored in dropping usage. The developer of Drupal has developed this in the small room of his house and the journey is awesome. In Drupal, they call modules and themes that can extend your website’s overall design. According to the stats around 40,000+ modules and 2500+ themes are present in Drupal for your to try. You can check the best newspaper themes here. When you install Drupal you might get confused about how that works, hence we have to get you the best way to learn it here.


Joomla is well known CMS that launched after WordPress in 2005. It is a bit easier than Drupal and user-friendly near WordPress. One of the many benefits of using Joomla is security-focused CMS.  As per the resources, Jhoomla has 8000+ Joomla plugins and a limited number of themes called templates. While as a beginner you might face challenges in learning this CMS we got you an easy guide on how you can learn it, here. With the rapid growth of material, it provides an ease to begin your site development. You can look out for news themes in Jhoomla here.


Labeled as a Python-based CMS, Wagtail is a very new CMS on this list and launched in 2014. The idea is all about how one can have more customization and be able to build sites that deal with large resources and do something that is not present in the current CMS’s boundaries. One of the special things about Wagtail is it’s possible to port from a WordPress site to Wagtail CMS, inst that amazing? If you wish to do experiments with your website you can port your WordPress website to Wagtail.  For beginners,  You can install Wagtail CMS  through the link here.


We are not talking about the month lol. Yeah, October is a Laravel-based CMS released in the similar same year as Wagtail CMS which is in 2014. This CMS is present in the Softcolous app installer, so you would want to check with your hosting provider which app installer they provide. If you own the server, do check the installation steps here. October is a simple alternative to WordPress and it would be a great step if you would like to try something similar to WordPress. Although the plugins and themes materials are relatively small in amount you can check the news themes here.


Website development is easier with easy-to-use platforms we call CMS. These content management systems are powered by developers to ease out the hardest process of site development down to the guy who does not have much knowledge of site design. This concludes with the best CMS for news sites! Which CMS would you like to use to begin your website development? do let us know in the comments section below. If you need any help or have any suggestions to make, then do reach us via the contact page here.  Happy National Kitten Day!

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