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Although AI has been in progress for a long time, the beginning of this decade started with AI services like chatGPT. Everyone is busy explaining chatGPT and its benefits, though there are benefits of having an AI in form of chatbots like chatGPT, there is always the other side which is why we bring you chatGPT and the consequences.

In today’s post, we are going to check out what is chatGPT, and whether can it replace google. its consequences and the bright side. Without further due, let’s begin the post.

What is chatGPT?

ChatGPT is a self-help AI-based chatterbot that can understand human language. It can interpret our human language and provide relevant information. The information can be asked in form of a chat. chatGPT is developed by an American Artificial intelligence company called OpenAI. The initial release of chatGPT was back in the last quarter of 2022 and the stable artifact was released on February 13, 2023.

Can chatGPT replace Google?

As a wise man said, things that take time to rise, take time to fall. We don’t need to know about what Google has been delivering us since 1998. There are many search engines available as alternatives to google but the huge market share of Google clears out the doubt. Google has its dominance in the search engine market. When google has such a grip on the market, it is not easy for other platforms to take over overnight!

ChatGPT seems like a good alternative to google as it promises to deliver what you seek within seconds. The problem does start here, when you type some query in the google search engine, you have the freedom of choice to go through the listed website for your particular concern. In chatGPT you would get what the AI thinks it is and provide you with the answer.

The difference is clear. Though we can not guarantee the biasedness of google and chatGPT, you can’t rely on chatGPT as you can on google results.  on the other hand, as per the statistics, Google has 8.5 billion searches per day. you can read the full statistics here. These searches showcase to us a habit of how in general people are active towards a platform. We believe Google will not collapse and there are plenty of things in defense of the statement. For instance, Google has been working with AI for a long time too. Its Bard AI is going to change things, let’s check that out.


In a recent blog by Google CEO Sunder Pichai talked about how they have been using AI to enhance search results. Google’s CEO also introduced a new counter AI-based bot called Bard in an attempt to overcome chatGPT which you can review about it here. Bard is going to be integrated within the search results, meaning you wouldn’t even want to hop over chatGPT to get the AI-based relevant results. This strategic move by google can cut down the number of users to switch platforms and increase engagements. We have reviewed the possibility of chatGPT replacing google, lets check out what are the consequences of such AI bots.

ChatGPT and the consequences

Technology always has 2 sides, the bright ones, and the dull ones. In this section of the post, we would review what impact it can lead to or what threats can take place when such bots are in quantity. The points are as below.

  • ChatGPT has the ability to provide you the ready-made results, this would cause the folks to be less creative towards the task, as they would know AI is there to help.
  • StackOverflow blocks chatGPT ( a question-and-answer-based website). The reason was, users were flooding the site with answers provided by chatGPT, read the ban policy here. This can happen with any organization.
  • The bot would reply to you with what it has fed in, we never know if it’s biased or not.
  • ChatGPT does not give you options to choose, it provides you the answer, meaning you wouldn’t be the one to decide unlike google, which provides a list of things you can opt through.
  • Customer support jobs and software development jobs are at constant risk.
  • Misuse of information threat will be there.

There could be many more to this list. We always have to remember that AI isn’t our enemy it’s our dependency on the application of AI. Enough about the consequences let’s check out what can be the bright side.

The bright side?

At TechDecipher, we are not saying that AI is our enemy, AI can be of many use. We believe the following things are the bright side of AI.

  • AI that follows protocol can be integrated into systems for better performance.
  • Using AI for teaching employees to do or train certain tasks can help the company grow its employee’s knowledge and overall productivity.
  • Robots with advanced AI would be a sonic boost to the space industry which can be used in space missions.
  • AI in military defense can also play a role in security.
  • Using AI as a watchman to review the network’s incoming requests like firewalls do would shape the functionality to the next level.

Again, there could be a number of benefits. the main point is we must be aware to organize its application. How we can be in control, not the other way around.


Sometimes the best that you can do for humanity is to leave things as is. I know this may sound like anti-progressiveness but when you look through the history you would know. AI is a boon when we know where to apply it, when to control it, and how much extent we allow it to contribute. Other companies like Qoura also have been testing their version of the AI chat bot which we covered here. This concludes about chatGPT and the consequences! What do you think about chatGPT and your version of its consequences? do let us know in the comments section below. If you need any help or have any suggestions to make, do reach us via the contact page here. Happy Day of Liberation and Innovation!

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