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When Netflix started, it was a DVD-by-mail service. Later the company started its streaming service and is one of the well-established names in the Streaming service industry and technology. The reason to talk about Netflix is that it shows how the modern world’s demands are changing so rapidly. Today if you want to watch movies, you probably would use an online streaming service, but the traditional method has always been a cable connection or direct-to-home (DTH) service. There is a new addition to traditional methods now, called Youtube TV. To let you know what Youtube TV is, we bring you all about Youtube TV.

In today’s post, we’re going to check out what is Youtube TV, and how it’s different from YouTube, various offerings in YouTube TV, and pricing + availability.

What is YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a subscription-based TV streaming service owned by a subsidiary of Google. The said TV was founded in 2017 and is seen as a re-imagination of how traditional TV service we used to have. Youtube TV is a service that includes live TV from major broadcast networks, live sports, popular cable channels, and channels from premium networks. Until now the traditional approach we have is we enjoy television through satellite networks and cable networks like DTH DirecTV, DishTV, AMC, ZeeTV, ESPN, etc. Apart from the DTH and other medium of cable networks, there are also free-to-air channels broadcasted through the free version of DTH that does not incur any charges.

The case of YouTube TV is different, you would opt for the subscription service and you get access to unlimited entertainment with the help of an active Internet connection. When new technology comes, it does take some time to fully implement its stable version but, the popularity of YouTube TV can be seen in the number of users. As of Q3 of 2023, the user base of YouTube TV is 6.6 million. The report from Insider Intelligence says that userbase could go up to 15 million in Q4 of 2023 and might reach 20 million by the year 2027.

How it’s different than YouTube?

The design of YouTube TV is dragged from YouTube itself, so it’s not so different than YouTube. This means that you would see a similar card-based interface and recommendations as you see on To isolate the platform there are some changes they have made like a fine line that differentiates between platforms. You would get recommendations for movies, live shows, and such rather than the YouTubers and other recommended channels. You would still be able to watch YouTube videos on your YouTube TV subscription. If you are a Youtube premium member then you will continue to be able to watch YouTube video ads for free and if you are not then ads will show up.

Offerings on YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers 125 TV channels, the channels also include cable and regional sports channels. The YouTube TV channels have an option for premium addon networks that you can select for an extra monthly fee. Along with the 125 channels, local broadcast channels are also included in this offering. Everyone knows how popular the National Football League (NFL) is in the US. It has special arrangements for that as well. You can avail of NFL at an extra subscription cost that just takes care of your live games entertainment needs.

The platform has some notable features that you should know before you opt for it. All the subscription plans will get you 6 household accounts and 3 streams it means that with a single subscription, you can watch up to 3 simultaneous streams of live TV on different devices, and you can create up to 6 different accounts to share the subscription with others in your household. You get an Unlimited Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for each of your profiles, so if you miss it you don’t worry. Not just features, the platform gives you the seamless possibility to enhance your experience with add-ons.

Pricings + availability

Are there any commitments? no! There’s no annual contract or installation fee for plans. For new users, it can be tried for free.  This can range from 7 days to 30 days based on the promotional events. Even a free trial would give you full access to the services of YouTube TV. There are a variety of plans starting from Base plan, Splanish plan, NFL Sunday Ticket Bundled or Standalone, NFL Sunday Ticket + YouTube TV, NFL Sunday Ticket + NFL RedZone + YouTube TV, NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube, NFL Sunday Ticket + NFL RedZone. Some of the NFL-based custom plans are specially made for the NFL and will not include base plan services. You would need to review the plans here. Unfortunately, the said platform is only available geographically across the United States.

We are not sure when the platform will cover other continents but let’s hope for the best. The platform does not require any installation, you just need a compatible device to enjoy your subscription. You can watch it on a computer, smart TV, streaming device, or mobile device, including phones and tablets. Not just these, but you can install YouTube TV apps on famous game consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. You can check the full list of supported devices here. Talking about minimum requirements, on the computer, and laptop it is supported in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers only. If you wish to verify your device is compatible with it, you just want to download the YouTube TV app on your smartphone and see if it can be downloaded.


YouTube TV does have some bizarre customization as if you can control almost everything. The platform also opens up the next level of features and technology that is affordable. There was a time in India when there used to be one antenna TV across villages. People used to walk, unite, and visit homes to watch shows. The time was golden and different, with this subscription, you can cheer your weekend more, ask relatives, and friends out, and enjoy. This concludes All about YouTube TV. Do you like this new platform, would you opt for it when it’s available in your country? do let us know in the comments section below. If you need any help or have any suggestions to make, then do reach us via the contact page here. Happy National Underdog Day!

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