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As a shop owner you secure your shop in market with help of security guard, CCTV camera’s and a counter guy to verify the payments. This is the case of local shops, malls, or restaurants and bars. But how do you ensure your online business? When you run your business online in the form of website or an online store, you would need Website Security, a complete website security solution.

In today’s post we are going to check what is a Website Security, why its necessary and top Website Security features which can help you save your online business. Without a security hassle, lets check this out!

What is a Website Security?

Website Security is a complete website security solution product by Sucuri. Website Security offers various features which helps website, prevent hacks, and  online security threat on your website. Sucuri is founded in 2007 by Daniel B. Cid a tech entrepreneur. After a successful years of product expansion, GoDaddy the worlds famous domain registrar and website hosting provider company acquired Sucuri in the first quarter of 2017.

As of now, Godaddy is the parent company of Sucuri. Talking about their Website Threat Research Report details for the year 2021 showed that 46,517 websites cleaned by their incident response team. Further, more than 132 million Site Check scans were done, you may read the full report here. We will check why Website Security is necessary in such digital world.

Why Website Security is necessary?

When you opt out for Website Security, you may wonder why would you want that or what you gonna do with it? Just so you know, alone in third quarter (Q3) of 2022 has around 15 millions data breaches made. Now if you have caught up in one of such cases then it is sort of overwhelming for any user to be stable or to take right actions. With Website Security, even when the hack is made, you have the option to scan the website for possible malware and get the website cleaned!

There may be countless backdoors or URL injections happening on your website. Time to time bots and spammers might also try hard to break the website. We never know, it might put your websites at risk, and that is exactly Website Security is here to help you with. For all of such uncertainties, we think Website Security is just more than a stress less product which would work as a shield for your website. Let us check some website security features to understand what its gotten.

Website Security features


Monitoring feature of Website Security helps in staying few steps ahead. It is as if you are seeing a warning signs on roads while driving for your safety. Likewise Website Securities’ monitoring feature scans the website for possible infection so that you get the idea of how everything is going on your website. You may as well receive alerts if in case threats emerges on the security issues of your website.


Firewall is like a compound wall that protects your property or home. Those fences are hard to climb! Website Security offers Firewall which has more than just security. Firewall has a way to allow and deny access to specific or mass IP’s. It is very useful in case of DDos attack and other threats which involves SQL injections. Firewall follows the theorem of prevention is better than cure, but if that happens! then a malware removal might be your safety ticket.

Malware removal

Malware removal is a service provided by Website Security. This service is very helpful when your website is locked out by the virus or hack made. By submitting the request for malware removal, you can get your content safe and out of the situation of extreme damage. You can also do a malware removal request in case if you just want to verify everything is fine.


Some of Website Security plans bundled with Backup feature. Website Backup feature retains a secure backup of your website, and can also be made with a custom backup requests for locally storing it. The benefit of such automatic backups is that if anything goes wrong, you don’t have to worry as you can restore your website on the go. The backup size and  internal services may vary which you must discuss prior to purchasing of the Website Backup plan.

Based upon the plan providers, the feature might vary, we strongly recommend that you discuss these things before purchasing the plans. You might want to perform additional changes prior to perform such requests according to your need.

  1. Godaddy
  2. Sucuri


There are couple of ways you can secure your website, and the best that we feel is Website Security! Obviously it is feature packed and offers flexibility towards such online threats. Not just long ago, we have discussed how to scan your website to purge malwares which you can check here. With saying it, this concludes about Website Security a complete website security solution. Which service or solution you are using for securing your website? do let us know in the comments down below. If you have any feedback to share or you seek for  help, do contact us here. Happy new year, bye.

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