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The gaming industry is growing like never before. As per the experts, 3.38 billion people are playing video games worldwide. Among, mobile, cloud, and console gaming, PC gaming is gradually increasing as it is easily available and can be upgraded per requirement. However, when we install games on our PC, you can use your PC or Laptop keyboard to play the game. Your fingertips may not adjust the keyboard keys to play as you can on mobile gaming. A controller made to work with your PC and beyond would be a great game experience enhancer, we at bring you the best budget gaming controller for PCs in India.

In today’s post we will check what a gaming controller offers?, should you go for the wireless or wired controller? and best budget gaming controller for PCs in India. Without further due, let’s dive in.

Brief about gaming controllers and what they offer.

Today, the gaming industry is dominated by big tech giants like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. We see new game launches or consoles like PlayStation and Xbox every now and then. With each update, new launches are getting better and better. The most common thing these dominant game provider companies focus on is their Controllers. The Controller aka gamepad has seen some drastic changes since it was initially begun. Sony PlayStation (1994), early Nintendo, and Sega controllers were the opening days when gamepads started to get in shape.

Tech giants invest heavily in designing the controllers for their consoles to reach maximum comfort and control in gameplay. It is indeed true that having a dedicated gaming controller does make a difference in your gaming experience. In recent years, other markets have debuted in designing and developing Controllers too because not everyone can afford the costlier consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. Nowadays, there are plenty of controller options available for consumers who want to enjoy games right on their PC or Desktop at a budget cost. Let’s check what the gaming controllers can offer and benefit you.

The comfort

Playing games like GTA with an option of keyboard keys like AWSD isn’t very comfortable. Sometimes, you intend to press key A but end up pressing something else. This obviously created a headache unless you are habitual to play like that. On the other hand, a dedicated gaming controller enhances your comfort completely. The gaming pads have dedicated buttons that just makes thing easier for our muscle memory to act faster providing more comfort while playing games.

The cost

The cost of PlayStation 5 which has its own controller in the US market is $499.99 and in India, you can get it in 49000 INR. The same is the case with the Xbox console. So going with a PC or setting up your own Desktop games without a controller may come cheaper than these consoles. There are obviously other makers who make controllers compatible with PS5 and xBox however the controllers might not be compatible across all consoles. So the easy option here is controllers that fit your laptop and desktop.

Enhanced experience

The gamepads do come with wired and wireless technology. Sometimes wired controllers aren’t what you are looking for, if you project your laptop or PC screen to a wall you might want to be able to play the games with controller range limitation. A wireless option is a gaming controller that enhances the overall experience of your gameplay. Having such options is a good add-on to your weekend gameplay.

Should you go for wireless or wired?

As we know, manufacturers are adding new features and specifications to optimize controllers. The shape is indeed an important aspect however we should not forget about features such as wireless and wired in a controller. Opting whether you should go for a wired or wireless controller is always to users’ requirements. Let us check about what you should go for.

Opt Wireless when
  • Want to play games from a certain distance?
  • Want a clutter-free gaming experience?
  • You want to play games without worrying about cables.
Opt Wired when
  • Want a true latency-free gaming experience?
  • The budget is low but want to opt for controllers.
  • Single player ussage.

Best budget gaming controllers

In this segment, we are going to check the best budget gaming controllers for your PC and desktop. The list includes both wired and wireless controller options.

AMKETTE EvoFox Elite X Gamepad

Amkette is Indian Indian-based reputed name in hardware manufacturing and consumer electronics founded back in 1986. The company entered the mobile gaming industry in the form of accessories and equipment. Now the company has a wide range of electronic products covering mobile gaming, PC gaming, evofox gaming, and audio. This product is AMKETTE EvoFox Elite X, which is an EvoFox segment controller for PC gaming.

This controller comes up with a dual vibration motor to keep the feedback in order to intensify the game. You can manage these levels in the back of this controller which is a plus for this product. Elite X comes in both variants, ie wireless and wired however, the price for both wired and wireless vary. The company claims 8 hours of battery backup for its wireless variant which has a 400mah battery. You can grab this product from the link AMKETTE EvoFox Elite X Gamepad.

Ambrane Wireless Gaming Controller

Ambrane India Private Limited is another Indian consumer electronics manufacturer launched in 2012. The initial goal of this company was to make power banks to ensure your phone has enough power when you are not home. Later, the company got extended with various additions to the products ranging from digital watches to gaming controllers. The product is called an Ambrane Wireless Controller, which is a complete wireless controller that you can use to play games.

The gamepad comes with a transparent design, not if everyone likes this but it does look creative in proper lighting. With 2.4GHz Wireless Technology, this gamepad offers a true wireless experience with almost zero latency. Ambrane’s controller has an 800 mah battery which claims to provide 12 hours of backup time within 10 meters of operational range. You should give this product a try from the link Ambrane Wireless Gaming Controller.

Redgear Pro Series Gamepad

Redgear has a variety of products for game enthusiasts. The company has some exceptional quality standard products made for gamers. Redgear has been active in the market since 2010 as a consumer electronics manufacturer however, Boat acquired Redgear in 2020. This merger strengthens the brand’s capacity to maintain the product standard. This made-in-India product is consistent and budget-friendly.

Redgear Pro is available in both wireless and wired gamepad options. The wireless variant runs on 2.4 GHz wireless technology. The design of the controller is limited in terms of size, looks very handy to ensure the true fit while playing. This controller is compatible with Windows OS 7,8,8.1,10 only however it would work on your Windows 11 without any issue. If you are looking for a decent wireless controller then you should grab this gamepad from Redgear Pro Series Gamepad.

Cosmic Byte ARES Controller

Cosmic Byte is an Indian premium gaming product manufacturer founded in 2013. Although Cosmic Byte is not a funded company its wide range of products is impressive. 10 years in the market covers keyboard, mouse, headphones, chairs, and much more in the gaming segment. The brand covers multiple support centers across India which would take care of your Cosmic Byte products that need support.

ARES gaming pad comes in both wired and wireless variants. The controller comes in 2 colors black and white and both look stunning due to its Ergonomic design. With a wired gamepad, you get zero lag connection gameplay and a vibration feature to give a vibe while playing. Its wireless variant has 700mAh Battery and claims to provide 12 hours of continuous gaming hours. Grab this short and sweet controller from the link Cosmic Byte ARES Controller.

Ant Esports GP110R

Ant Esports is India India-based consumer electronics manufacturer founded in 2016. The company is an unfunded venture but has a robust product range for domestic users. Although the company was recently founded, the product’s premium and wide variety would leave you astonished. The one that we have here for you is their wired gaming controller GP110R.

The controller comes with Neon RGB color support that would work as a backlight when the light is off. This gamepad supports PS3 which is advantageous for those who still play PS3 and is compatible with Windows7,8,8.1,10,11, and Android TVs. It has 2 vibrating motors and has a transparent solid body. If you want to up the look and feel while gaming, then you should definitely go for this controller, find the product from this link Ant Esports GP110R Wired Game-Pad.


The gaming industry is booming and expected to cross 242.39 billion market growth. Lots of YouTube channels breathe in with this industry. Sometimes a nice gaming controller and a video game are all you would require for your weekend. This concludes the best budget gaming controller for PCs in India. What controller do you own and what controller do you like the most and why? do let us know in the comments section below. If you need any help or have any suggestions to make, then do reach us via the contact page here. Happy Election Day!

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