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Domains like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Cloud Computing are in their peak time in the IT industry. We have seen so many new additions in AI, Cloud Computing, and many more to the list. Things common in all of them is how they intend to simplify the mess of our task. That’s a benefit more than simplification! One such new arrival in the market is FakeSpot. Well, Fakespot is not new but its integration with Mozilla is a fresh bread that we think you, should know! We bring you All about Fakespot chat!

In today’s post, we are going to check what is Fakespot, why it’s in the news, what is fakespot chat, and how it will impact shopping. Without further due, let’s dive in.

What is Fakespot?

When we go to the local market, we do have the option to ask about a second review, like if it’s going to work out. In an e-commerce platform, it is done by checking reviews that are posted by users who have purchased it. However, the problem with the eCommerce platform is, that we can not really tell whether the product is actually good or how it is in reality. Are all comments or text reviews right? or they just are consequences of one single product that one user or set of users got? additionally, there are so many scams involved in this too, like getting a customer care doing fraud about a particular product.

Fakespot is the result of thousands, not millions fraud scams that have happened to users. Saoud Khalifah saw this opportunity and founded Fakespot in 2016. The Fakespot is a tool to verify whether the products of major e-commerce platforms are trustworthy or just hoaxes. Since 2016, Fakespot has been delivering the service initially through a website analyzer tool. Later the venture made a fakespot app which ultimately reviewed the Amazon links for shopping on Android in 2016 and later on iOS in 2021.

As of now, Fakespot works on Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Sephora, Walmart, and Shopify platform. The interface of Fakespot involves an analyzer tool input field where you can paste the links from the platform shared above. Once the analysis is complete, you get the result with a Fakespot Grade rating. Besides grades,  a pros and cons review quickly makes you understand whether you should go for it or skip it. You can also use Fakespot as a browser extension, which would give you a grade rating above the pricing details in the top right corner.

Why is it in the news?

Fakespot has been in the news because it’s similar to what happened with the Honey browser extension.  Honey which is a coupon finder for shopping, PayPal acquired the Honey browser extension in year 2020 for 4 billion. In the first quarter of 2023, Mozhilla a Firefox browser developer acquired Fakespot with an investment of 30 million US dollars. Now, Fakespot is going to be in a joint venture with Mozhilla, where the funding will be given by Mozhilla to Fakespot to improve and widen its grip across all e-commerce platforms.

The Fakespot has been available to us in three formats that is through their website, browser extension, and mobile app. In the future, it is going to add some unique features that will become Firefox browser-specific features. One feature that is in the table is the Fakespot chat.  Fakespot Chat is an AI that uses LLM to deliver answers about a particular product. This move would definitely boost the market share of Firefox browsers. Let’s check what a is Fakespot chat below.

What is Fakespot chat?

Fakespot chat is a new AI tool integration on the current tools that analyze product reviews. With this chat feature, users would be able to know more, than just Grades of the product, and the pros and cons. For example, we might have sound-specific questions on Speaker products, you can ask this in the Fakespot chat to be sure if you really want that. This feature currently is in the Alpha stage under the US region and is currently working for the Amazon platform.

The AI chatbot is likely going to be integrated into the Firefox browser to make this browser more productive. You would be able to review things on the go, ask questions about the product, and much more. This feature is going to change how we do our decision-making for purchasing a product. Fakespot is trying really hard to make its platform filled with more reliable resources. There are implications of this tool too, let’s check that out below.

How it will impact shopping?

You might think, there are ways to figure out whether a product is good or bad. This is mostly done through YouTube review videos. This is indeed true, most people do rely on this method to decide whether we should be going for the particular product. The problem comes when we really do not have time to watch the entire video. There is a time when we just want a second opinion. We do ask second opinion to our friends and family members if they own the product that we are looking for. With Fakespot chat, you do not necessarily need to do that.

On the other hand, the advertising industry market is expected to reach $834.9 Billion by 2028. This huge market advertising world would need to be certain about what they are recommending, how they are portraying the products etc. Gone are those days when things were easy to sell. You make a problem-solving product, and it is sold. The time is changing, and how genuinely the sold product delivers is what this is all about.


Online shopping is easy and can be difficult to purchase the right products that you are looking for. Reviewing products online can also have a biased possibility as it depends upon the video producer how much they have influence of the brand. Fakespot is a new way of trust-worthy review system that holds some positive aspects. This concludes all about Fakespot chat! How do you purchase the products, and what platforms do you review before purchasing goods? do let us know in the comments section below. If you need any help or have any suggestions to make, then do reach us via the contact page here. Happy Marine Corps Birthday!

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