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The recent covid situation has shown us how important health care is. As we are dealing with new diseases, we must be self-aware about our body. Wearable bands are one of the ways which lets us know how we are doing.

Wearable bands aware us of our fitness levels. Today we are going to sneak peek into wearable bands and the best wearable bands available. Without a further due, let’s dive in!

What is a wearable band?

Wearables is a branch of electronic device that focuses on producing watches, fitness trackers, smart clothing, glasses, smart jewelry and body sensors. A wearable band is a wristband, which keeps a track of information. This information can incorporate heart rates, oxygen levels, footstep counter, blood pressure and various information.

There is a slight change in wearable bands and wearable smartwatches, although they have many things in common.  Smartwatches can replace wearable bands, but as of this post we would focus on wearable bands.

Wearables history

The invention of wearables began back in 1500 BC, they began with watches on necks at first. A few centuries down the line from 1500 BC, wearables progressed to be in music, calculators etc. If we talk about, the first step in actual wearables is by Fitbit. Fitbit released its first wearable called Fitbit Tracker in 2009. Their higher success rate made Google to acquire Fitbit for $2.1 billion. Various other companies have already begun manufacturing wearable bands, and nowadays almost all mobile manufacture are into wearable bands.

Best Wearable Bands

We have got understanding about bands, it is now the time to check the best wearable bands present in the market.

1)Fitbit charge 5

An American consumer electronics and fitness company called Fitbit has launched its latest unisex band called Fitbit charge 5. The elegant design of this band makes it very promising and comes in black, blue, white colors. This one is a bit expensive, but it is fully loaded with features and specifications.

Syncing between the band and mobile app is done through their app called Fitbit, interesting is if you own an android device, it should be Android 10 or 10+ for certain features to work. It does provide OTA updates, which is a good feature indeed as a new software update perspective.


Link-  Fitbit charge5

2)OnePlus Band

OnePlus has gained fame with their flagship smartphone lately. OnePlus Band is the latest smart band provided in 3 colors and rated IP68, similar to Fastback reflex 3.0 and packed with many other features.

Syncing between the band and your smartphone would be done through their android app OnePlus Health. Point to note is as of now, the app is only available to Android users having version 6 (Marshmallow) or 6+. For iOS, they have recently released the app, which is a good move by them  and includes OTA updates.


Link- OnePlus Band

3)Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

A growing Chinese brand, Xiaomi has launched Band 6, a successor of Band 5. The band seems to be a perfect combination of fashion and electronics. It is 50 meters water-resistant, but has not given specific IP ratings.

The band strap is built using TPU strap and aluminum alloy for Strap buckle material. The band comes in a variety of colors. For syncing, one should install Mi Fitness band and needs to be Android version 5.0 or 5+ and iOS 10 or 10+.


Link- Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

4)Fastrack Reflex 3.0

An Indian fashion accessory retail brand Fastrack which is a sub brand of Titan. Reflex 3.0 is built using silicon strap material and has an IP68 as rating. This unisex band consists of 10+ sport modes.

It uses Fastrack Reflex World App to sync the content and can  use to accomplish daily tasks. The specs and feel of this band sound very decent and the dual color on the band looks elegant.


Link-  Fastrack Reflex 3.0

5)Pebble Kardio+

An Indian startup, Pebble, has been in the market for 20 years now. They came up with Kardio+ wearable band, it is a simple yet good band. The band is made up of high quality TPU strap material which is promised to set comfortably on your wrist.

This feels like a budget band with entry – level features one would like to try if they want to try fitness bands without spending much. Since it is using TPU strap material, it is likely to be lightweight. Won’t hurt to give it a try!


Link- Pebble Kardio+


Though we have checked the best wearable bands, whether you should go for wearable watches or wearable bands is whole another question. If you are looking to have dedicated fitness band experience then you should give them a try.

This concluded the best wearable bands, if you are using bands other than shared above, do comment to us below with your experience. In case if you have any concerns or have feedback to share, do drop us the mail here. Peace!

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