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When you go to buy a smartphone, what is your main requirement? It differs for sure from person to person. Few people want better cameras and they are ready to compromise the battery. Some folks are crazy about the processor it is packed up with and don’t care much for the camera. There are so many variations to the requirements a person could desire in a smartphone, one such factor is the smartphone size. Very few users like to have their phone enriched with specifications but would want it to be as compact as possible. To those who like compact smartphones, we bring you the best compact phones in 2024.

In today’s post, we will check why compact phones matter. Will companies stop making compact phones? Best compact phones in 2024, so without any delay, let’s dive right in.

Why do compact phones matter?

Do you know what was the size of the first iPhone? It was 3.5 inches! Back in 2007, smartphones were merely used for making calls and text messages. The use case drastically changed over time and nowadays, smartphones are used to play games, watch movies, and more. Users started liking bigger screens to experience the features packed up with their smartphones. Big screens are a boon for streaming movies and playing games, but having bigger screens also comes with many other irritating handling behaviors. Let’s talk about how small-screen phones can be a great option as we use them.

1) Comfort:

Compact phones are likely to have less weight than bigger phones which would make them easier to hold. The design of small phones can comfort you while you are on the call and you can’t put on your headphones. The pinna is the outer part of the ear that catches sound waves and directs them into the ear canal. When you hold a phone to your ear, the phone’s earpiece usually aligns with the pinna. Having a compact phone does take less area than the bigger ones, giving you a better feel at calling.

2) The handling:

Compact phones excel in handling thanks to their smaller design, which fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and offers greater control over the device. This enhanced control helps prevent accidental slips, a common problem with larger phones that often need two hands to manage. With a compact phone, tasks such as texting, taking photos, and browsing become more convenient and comfortable. The lightweight nature of these devices also reduces hand strain during prolonged use, making them perfect for everyday activities. Whether you’re on the go or multitasking, a compact phone provides a seamless and secure user experience.

3) Better Form factor:

Compact phones offer OEM manufacturers certain creative opportunities in design. The smaller form factor can lead to more thoughtful placement of buttons and features, potentially enhancing the overall usability and aesthetics of the device. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that compact phones are always more productive or innovative. Larger phones, despite their size, can incorporate additional components and technologies that may not fit into a compact device. Both compact and large phones have their own sets of design challenges and opportunities. While compact phones might allow for a more ergonomic design.

Will companies stop making compact phones?

The first stage of manufacturing Smartphones involves market research and the trends in technology. Market research and conceptualization is a very important phase and often act as a foundation in the final product delivery. The demand and market trends are the backbone of the decision of product development. As per the article by myespresso on average, the trend lasts for one to three years. These present times, the trends impact so much on the market that we have also seen some big failures in the last decade. So to answer will companies stop making compact phones? The answer is always current trends and users’ choices that make the trend a living thing.

Best compact phones in 2024

1) Samsung s24

In the last quarter of the year 2022, we saw AI entering the digital market. Samsung seems to utilize this opportunity so well, as the device S24 is rich with AI features. As per the reports, Samsung users like the brand for the build quality, service, and performance and Samsung can be seen continuing the same with S24. With the AI touch in their latest premium smartphone, it gives you a perfect blend of AI plus Samsung’s features. Samsung s24 has a 6.2-inch display size which will fit in your palm without any issue. The users of the phone complain a bit about battery life but if we ignore that this phone has an excellent display and camera. Although We are in the middle of 2024, the market is already hyped up for S24’s successor. You can grab this awesome phone from the link here.

2) Apple iPhone 15

Smartphone manufacturers are busy building big phones, Apple is no exception to this case. Apple understands the trend and users’ use cases and no doubt Apple will continue to launch big phones, but Apple’s iPhone 15 is a treat for compact phone lovers. The cost has always been a matter that comes in between decision-making. Most of us thought growing up that Apple devices were status symbols for the rich, and it’s still the impression. The user interface of iPhone 15 is smooth and the unique iPhone functions enhance the experience. The screen size is 6.1 Inches which makes it 1 inch smaller than S24. If you want to feel the glory of this device that smoothly sets in your grip, go for this iPhone from the link here.

3) Google Pixel 8a

Google entered the smartphone market in 2005. Google’s main reason for entering the mobile market is to capture data that would otherwise be lost to phone companies, enhancing its ad revenue and service efficiency. We might have seen higher growth in countries like Singapore but there is so much Google needs to do for their smartphone branch to get to the level other smartphones are. Talking about the Google Pixel 8a is a brilliant 6.1-inch compact Actua display that is more brighter and vibrant. Pixel phones are celebrated for their top-notch cameras, smooth and responsive UI, and minimal bloatware. You can grab this phone from the link here.

4) ASUS Zenfone 10

Asus is a leading multinational company in computer hardware and consumer electronics. ASUS started making smartphones to diversify its product lineup, and leverage its existing expertise in computer hardware. The smartphone market is so vast and is a place where brand thickens their brand value and Asus seems to try the same. The device Zenfone 10 offers a screen size of 5.9′ making it the most compact in our list. The phone’s build quality and performance are flawless, and while the camera could be improved the battery life is impressive. For Android users who prioritize top-tier specs and a compact form factor, the ASUS Zenfone 10 is highly recommended. You can grab this phone from the link here.

5) Apple iPhone 14

We have another device from Apple and it is Apple iPhone 14. Apple smartphone series has had so many compact phones and iPhone 14 stands out after iPhone 15. The iPhone 14 combines cutting-edge technology, superior performance, and robust safety features, making it an indispensable companion for everyday life. One downside is the lack of included chargers and the high price of accessories. Despite the higher cost, the investment is justified by features, hardware, and exclusive apps available on the App Store. You can grab this device from the link here.


Smartphones keep getting bigger and bigger, so having an option with different sizes is always good for the market. Compact phones can add some value to our experience with Smartphones and the more the demand is, the more compact phones we will see. This concludes Best Compact Phones in 2024. Which compact phone are you planning on buying? Do let us know in the comments section below. If you need any help or have any suggestions to make, then do reach us via the contact page here. National Meteor Watch Day.

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