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Covide 19 has taught us many things and one of those is how we actually live connected distantly. Though development is a never-ending cycle, communication is a major influential factor in any organization, so we do need video conferencing apps. Recently we found Zoom has been gaining fame for video conferencing, and thus we bring you the best 5 Video conferencing apps you would like to use in an organization or in person.

In today’s blog, we will check the significance of Video conferencing apps and the best 5 Video Conferencing apps to try. Without further due, let’s begin.

Significance of Video conferencing apps

From an organizational perspective Video conferencing apps are a boon. The simple reason for it is that your clients would be sitting overseas and you are handling their project. Majority of the IT and organization works like it these days. When you have a model like this, it becomes very important to provide updated information and a tool to take instant meetings. Video conferencing apps are providing services that are capable of filling the gaps of physical involvement.

Mostly in the IT sector, the work-from-home culture has grown to the next level. Some of the positions really don’t need to be on sight and some of them have been rewarded with permanent work from home. In such a distant work process, it is impossible to fly to the top floor of your Company and attend the meeting.

Not just meetings, but events are also occurring online these days for example seminars. Whether it’s a book launch event or it’s an online teaching forum these apps are our first point. In covid 19 we had to keep our distance and we did that but we also became a part of live comedy shows taken by standup comedy through such video conferencing apps. Call it a need for the digital world, or evolution but these apps are helping us like we couldn’t imagine in the 90s.

Best 5 Video Conferencing Apps

1) Zoom

Zoom is probably the most-heard app name in 3 years of timespan since 2019. Despite its security issues, this Video conferencing app has gained popularity in the shortest amount possible. Former VP of Cisco Webex, Eric founded Zoom in 2011. Though the original name was not Zoom, later it was taken from a book called Zoom City. According to stats around 350 million people participate in Zoom meetings daily. This is a huge number and shows dominating spot rival of others that are in the market. To find the AppStore links here, PlayStore here, and for desktop here.

2) Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is a tech Giant and needs no introduction at all. Teams were introduced by Microsoft in 2016 as a subscription base. Later this was changed and became free for small businesses or having an Outlook email ID. The Teams also faced competition from Slack but its video conferencing feature was added with new improvements over the years. MS teams have about 280 million users monthly basis and this makes it the second best in our article. You can grab the free version here for Android and the app store here. The desktop app can be downloaded from here.

3) Google Meet

Dominating Google Search engine does have many services that are ahead of other companies. However, one cannot dominate every sector, and neither is easy to do so. Google Meet is an example of the same. Meet was launched by Google in 2017, they actually replaced Google Hangout with Google Meet. As per the statistics, this video conferencing app has 135 Million active users. You can check the Android app here and the Appstore app here. Tap here for the desktop app.

4) Cisco Webex

Webex was actually founded by 2 entrepreneurs in 1995 and one of them started Zoom later. This video conferencing app was then acquired by Cisco which is a famous leading networking giant in the year 2007 and that is what is called Webex by Cisco. As per the stats, the daily active users for this app is 324 million which gives competition directly to Zoom. You can try Webex for Android here and AppStore here. The Desktop app can be downloaded here.

5) GoToMeeting

Goto company founded GoToMeeting in the year 2004. They have an array of products such as GoToMyPC, GotoResove and so like Goto products. Citrix which is a cloud-based company has recently merged with Goto company for extending the business. While we could not find the global active users however it seems the users are dropping off from the platform and possibly this is due to so many options available these days. To download for Android click here and for AppStore here. You may as well download the Desktop app from the link here.


Video conferencing has become a new way how we communicate and express ourselves. Let it be an online live event, a stand-up comedy show or an important meeting a video conference is all that you would want. These tools are becoming a standard of our evolution and thus its demand. This concludes about the best 5 video conferencing apps. Which Video conferencing apps do you use the most? do let us know in the comments section below. If you need any help or have any suggestions to make, then do reach us via the contact page here. Happy Father’s Day!

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Pranav Chaudhari
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