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The output of technology or simply tech is always on the benefiting side of human race. It is as freaky and amazing as using stones to knives, wired to wireless, candle to lights, hardware to software and so on.

Significance of Technology, top tech rising areas and how tech is doing is what we are going to review in this post.

What is Technology?

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” — by Albert Einstein

Tech is a non-stop progress which results in an evolution we have been witnessing today. In easy terms to say, technology is the enhancement on field, product, research and various domains respectively.

Rising Areas

Networks ring-

Imagine 90s era where you had very selective type of data and functionality. Even to process the data, it used to take tons of time.
We know  that as 1G, currently we are at 5G, where data processing is so easy and fast like it has never been before.

In some countries, 6th and 7th is also under work or propagated. Which shows how this domain has enhanced over the period of time. Needless to say, Elon’s Starlink project is a building block of how we will be using this services to the next level.

Information Technology and Electronics-

IT sector has seen rapid growth as compared to 90s from automation support to pieces of software and pieces of hardware this has become one of the most valuable industry which is driving lots of jobs each year.

IT and Electronics have changed the way we see things now, our pockets that hold our Smartphones are actually mini computers, Tesla’s self-driven cars, are one of their kinds and the idea of virtual storage and access is just awesome.

Obviously there are many sectors’ technology has changed and improved that incorporates cloud computing, robotics, internet of things, artificial intelligence etc.


Agriculture is a very basic and important factor in our life. Without this, it is hard to imagine how we would have ever survived. Today there are positive sides about it and negative ones too but going with positive tone.

We heard the news, few farmers have drones to sprinkle pesticide on their crop plots, ensuring the time and area covered. This shows how farmers have stepped forward to use the help of tech.

We have seen improvements to  grow various  crops in fairly limited time with more production expectancy. The machine equipments were upgraded over the decades where man power is reduced and saves a lot of time with accuracy.


Although spaceflight related accidents have been significantly lowered, but we did have seen disasters in this domain. You can go through a list of accidents here.

We were able to avoid unnecessary possible issues with our engineering discoveries, looking to be a species in space habitats. Other source of success behind this is space privatization, that lead a number of private companies to practice and build technology to improve it to another level of accuracy.

Pharmaceutical industry-

Pharma industry has really evolved in drug development and surgery. Today we have discovered drugs that quickly show results and have discovered surgery poly techniques which is remarkable.

We have seen disasters in past also recently witnessed covid outbreak. We suffered, but we also discovered vaccinations for it, which is effectively controlling the virus  up to a wider extent.

Coming to surgery equipments, the methods of surgery has completely changed. For instance, cataract patient used to have their eyes cut through to get operated, but now the Surgeon does not need to cut eyes out to diagnose cataract.

Film production and Game industry-

Nowadays, movie production houses use technology so finely that it is hard to tell the difference between scenes.

They almost feel real, for example,  Marvel’s Incredible Hulk TV series aired in 1977 played by lead actor Lou Ferrigno is no match with the new Hulk movie released in 2008. On the other hand, augmented reality is improvising already, and we are moving steps closer to perfection.

Talking about the Games, we are much aware of the game graphics we had back in 1990 and in 2022. Unreal Engine, one of the famous game development engine, has drastically improves since it came to picture back in 1998.

Similarly, technology has changed in many sectors including Army equipments, trades, cryptos, transport, food manufacturing industries etc.
Speaking saintly, on an average year we see new contribution to existing techs which is self challenging. It also demands us to be up-to-date, and TechDecipher is for you to help :).


The civilization we are living in is nearly unimaginable without the support of Tech. No doubt, tech is very important for human race. Snail mail was nice, but instant message is fastening the process, giving more real time information.

Specially in today’s world, we are able to assess the danger before it happens. We can do weather predictions, better the transport and perhaps solve the world hunger.

Investing in Tech ideas and bringing the best of what already exists is probably the sacred way to evolution. Similarly, having known the importance of tech is precious in its own.


So guys we saw what is Tech, how it has been growing in various areas. What do you think about the current situation in technology and how it is shaping the world?

Do let us know in the comments below. If you have any concerns, you can contact us here. That  said, stay tuned for more updates.

Pranav Chaudhari
Pranav Chaudhari
I am a tech enthusiast who began a career in the hosting field. I like to help folks with their tech-related concerns and bring the best of it.

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