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We are in the age of the evolution of information where an almost infinite amount of data is floating across the internet. We obviously can’t memorize everything, thanks to Web Browsers which help us seek the information we require. In general, we don’t stress what web browsers are capable of and how browsers can improve productivity, which is why we bring you the best web browser ranked in 2023.

In today’s post, we will check out about brief of web browsers, the future of web browsers, and the best 5 web browsers ranked in 2023, without further due, let’s begin.

Brief of Web Browser

A web browser is an application present in your computer or machine that lets you interact with the websites present across the internet. Along with surfing, there are many things a web browser is meant to do, for example, downloading content from a website to your local computer or vice versa.

If we look at the need for a web browser, it’s very simple we can’t manually put information in computers to fetch it within. For example, if we have 1000 computers, and we need the data from a common source point, then we need a common source for obvious reasons. This common source then became a website that would be accessed from within the network (later outside / globally) with the help of a web browser.

But the obvious question we might all have is, who brought the browser idea to the world? Let’s dive into how this happened. In 1990, British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee clubbed with CERN, invented the world’s first web browser called (World wide web). Sometime later, WWW was renamed to Nexus and was the first web browser for the public to use. The browser code also went to the public domain where many software devs could utilize it to build something different.

Future of web browser

Today’s web browsers are the most advanced web browser we could have. We all know how Microsofts Internet Explorer was dominating, and how it ended. How other competitors rose and Chrome got famous. In this section of the post, we will check what is the future of web browsers.

Voice integration

Imagine you have a laptop next to you, you turned it on, you went to a web browser and you speak some concern and the voice command system fetches an answer and voices it back to you. Well, we have seen Tony Start doing that! This level of voice integration in a web browser can really help modernize it.

In-browser apps

Whenever we need some application, we download it and start using it. What if you get the option to simply install it on a browser level and get rid of it when you are done right from there? Or you just save that app as a favorite and still use it without installing it on your local system. Sounds like the individual app but on a browser surface. This can help in many ways, to make it as minimal as possible.

I mean imagination may sound stupid but over the years we see it becoming a feature. Who thought saving a password is a good idea in a web browser? but we like it anyways! There are many other points to the list but we will stop right here and take a look at the best 5 web browsers ranked.

Best 5 web browsers ranked

1-) Google Chrome

Google Chrome, is a browser that does not need any introduction. Chrome initially launched on 2 September 2008, as Google’s current CEO Sunder Pichai wanted to counter the market share of the veteran browser Internet Explorer. Currently, the Chrome browser is dominating in internet browser industry with 65.74% of the huge market share. We believe the success of the Chrome browser is directly dependent on the popularity of their Search Engine called Google.

The main reason for Google Chrome’s domination is also its availability, Google Chrome is available on the majority of platforms. Feature-wise, chrome does not have many fancy functions, but sometimes being simple is all that attracts us. You can download Chrome for desktops here and for Android and Apple.

2-) Brave

Brave Software, Inc an American software company introduces the Brave Browser on 20 January 2016. The name Brave which is taken from the company’s primary name “Brave” claims to provide you a true ad blocking and VPN features that help you be unknown when you make any request to the internet. The browser has 1% of the total worldwide browser market, which might make you think why it’s on the list. The reasons are as follows!

The browser makes its second spot due to the packed features it has to offer. You can consider Brave browser similar to Chrome but with more features in it. Suppressing the mild side of the simple browser, Brave is slowly becoming a great alternative to Chrome. Go for Brave on Desktop here and for Android and Apple.

3-) Firefox

Firefox browser is a sort of rival to Chrome and others. Mozilla which is a software dev community has developed this browser. The artifact is available in the market since November 9, 2004. Sadly the market share of Firefox has been on a fluctuating curve and as per sources this could be due to Google and Firefox deal which is ending this year. The deal is about agreements between Google and Firefox that Google will be the default search engine in the Firefox browser.

Since Google’s search engine has more market share, that way firefox can still attract users about using Firefox. firefox indeed has made many active changes to speed up their browser load time and many things. You can install Firefox for the desktop from here and for Android and Apple.

4-) Safari

Who knew Apples will be so expensive? Jokes apart, Apple Inc provides a Safari browser. This browser launched on 7 January 2003. Apple always plays smart, they discontinued the development of the Safari browser for Windows machines back in 2010. Even today, Apple ships their devices with Safari browser, a good trick to compel users in!

Safari has an 18.86% global market share which makes it the second browser capable of engaging the market. The report tells that this browser is supposed to be lighter which is plus point for their users. If you want to try this one out, you may want to consider opting for an Apple device. This browser is a default installed browser for Mac devices and Windows users are still looking for its come back.

5-) Edge

Edge browser is simply a result of re-introducing Internet Explorer with new features since Microsoft wanted it. Chrome users do not go easy on this browser to be honest. Microsoft has strived hard to make this one like a veteran legend IE. On 29 April 2015, this browser made it with the Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft making deals with OEMS to spread Windows OS which ships Edge browser, same tactics as Apple.

This browser has around 4-5% of the market share across the world. With the features like vertical row tabs, the Edge browser is trying to impress users but is directly based on Chromium technology! You can give this a try for desktop on the link here and for Android and Apple.

Note:- These browsers are not ranked on basis of market share, but on basis of how we think they are seeming.

A web browsing experience depends upon a few factors, one of them being the web browser itself. Googles Chrome has been able to maintain the dominating spot! Which new software company of technical revolution can push the spot of Chrome? the time will tell. This concludes about the best web browser ranked in 2023. Which web browser do you prefer for browsing, and why? do let us know in the comments section below. If you need any help or have any suggestions to make, then do reach us via the contact page here. Happy International Romani Day!

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